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What's new in transition and inclusion! May 2016.

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May News Update: The 2015-2016 year is winding down. Many of our inclusion students have begun their end of the year exams, and our transition students are wrapping up their participation in their grade level classrooms. We are now planning for summer school lessons and activites!

Graduation Spotlight!

We would like to congratulate 8 amazing teachers across the transition & inclusion team who have just graduated from Simmons College with a MSEd in moderate and severe disabilities. Simmons College is located in Boston, MA and has provided our teachers a foundation in special education theory, teaching methods and skills, and a valuable teaching experience in their practicum year. All 8 of these teachers have successfully completed their practicum (the final year in the masters program). This includes creating a comprehension educational portfolio, having teaching hours in an inclusion setting (a classroom that has 1-2 children that require extra educational support), and developing, preparing, and teaching 4 lessons throughout the year that incorporate different educational skills (math, ELA, science...).

A BIG congratulations to NECC-AD's Simmons College graduate school class of 2016!

Merlyn Athimoottil- Grade 1 at Mubarak bin Mohamed School, enjoyed teaching her students how to solve math addition problems using manipulatives and a template. Merlyn also won "The Douglas Eli Schuch" award from Simmons College!

Brittany Cronin- Pre-K at British International School

Allison Hasse- Grade 3 at Mubarak bin Mohamed School, take away: throughout my practicum year, I have learned the importance of delivering explicit instructions and how to differentiate instruction for learners in a mainstream classroom. I enjoyed teaching my third lesson, because I watched my students successfully work together, doing assigned jobs to create and present a poster about the beginning, middle, and end of "Stone Soup."

Katie Humphrey- Grade 3 at Canadian International School, take away:I really enjoyed being able to teach whole class, small group, and individualized instruction this year at CIS. It was wonderful to get to know such a diverse, funny, unique group of 3rd graders. I would advise future Practicum students to not allow themselves to get overwhelmed in the beginning. As long as you fight the urge to procrastinate, you will easily complete all the assignments. For your lessons, just focus on the learning objective and the students themselves and you’ll forget you are even being observed. Good luck!

Sarah Marnell- Grade 6 at Canadian International School - Favorite lesson, teaching her 6th graders the different properties of airplanes that allow them to fly. The students in her class enjoyed building their own flying devices too!

Olivia McGlone- Grade 1 at Hamdan bin Zayed School

Megan Orth- Grade 2 at Canadian International School- Favorite lesson, Amazing Absorbents!, teaching my second graders about materials that are waterproof and absorbent. The students did a science experiment in groups and it was really exciting to see the students engage in a hands-on activity that allowed all of them to access the material and experience those "aha moments", understanding the new concepts. They had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed teaching science!

Autum Pak- Grade 4 at Canadian International School, My favorite lesson was teaching my 4th graders how to compare and contrast details about their families and interests because the students were excited to find out more about each other.

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A look into TR3 and TR6 in the Vocational Education Department

The Transition students have really been a huge help to our Vocational Education Department. They really help the entire school run smoother by doing different jobs around the school. One of those jobs is delivering the mail to staff mailboxes. The transition students can correctly find the names of the staff members on the mailbox directory, and deliver the letters to the correct mailbox without much help from their job coaches. The school store is another job that the transition guys really like. Classrooms in the school send them orders for edibles, and they find all of the items, pack them up, and deliver them directly to the classroom. Hamad Shames loves this part, because he gets to take a tour of the school and see all of his old teachers. If there aren’t any orders to fill or deliver, the guys take inventory of all of the different items in the store so I know what needs to be purchased.

Gift bags are a student produced product that is available for staff and parents to buy. We provide them with all the materials they need, and they glue on festive paper, tie ribbons, and decorate the bags. The process comes full circle when the students man the tables and sell the bags. These bags were a massive hit at the talent show last week, when our students sold over 700 dirhams worth of gift bags!

The Transition students are really leading the way and being great role models for the rest of the students in Vocational Education.

Talent and Art show Participation

May 26th was the second annual talent show. TR5 performed the "Song of Sounds" which went through the English alphabet A-Z performing an action that matched the sound of each letter. TR1 and TR2 made artwork for the art show portion. They each made a different monster masterpiece. Sultan from Inclusion ( grade 3 at MBM school) also submitted a piece of artwork. The TR3 and TR6 boys came to NECC-MBZ to run the cashier stand and help customers select sweet treats at the bake sale. Overall, all of the performers in all classrooms did a stand up job! Special thank you to our Assistant director Missy who help organize for the second year in a row.
Transition classroom 5 has had some exciting activities! They celebrated Gergean at HBZ with their grade 1 classmates. Abdulla and Mohamed got to perform in front of the whole school with their grade 1 gym class by doing a choreographed dance, how fun!

Who wants a Pizza Party?!

The students in TR1 and TR2 have been working hard all year on their reading skills. They’ve worked on sight words, decoding, and reading comprehension. The students are all participating in a reading challenge by reading books at their individual reading levels (Reading A to Z has been very helpful with this). They set a goal of reading 100 books collectively before Ramadan begins, so they can earn a pizza party. All of the students have been very motivated to participate and they are very close to earning their prize!

TR4 (OBY schoool) participated in a police show last month!

Staff and Student Spotlight

Student of the Month: Mansoor TR2

Mansoor attends grade 1 classes with his peers, and consistently completes high quality work that his teacher uses an example for others. He is an especially talented writer in grade 1, and has very neat handwriting. Mansoor can read many words in both English and Arabic, and has many strategies to uses when he comes across a word he has not seen before. He follows classroom rules and routines independently, and he always puts tons of effort into any academic task. He consistently raises his hand to participate in class, and demonstrates great listening behavior.

Most of all, Mansoor has a great sense of humor. He makes his friends and teachers laugh every day! He is always willing to play with his friends and lead the group in any activity. Transition 2 is lucky to have Mansoor as a part of our classroom and we are so proud of all of his hard work and progress over the past year! Congratulations Mansoor!

Employee of the Month: Tyler TR6 Lead

Tyler started working at NECC in Boston in 2010. Tyler came to NECC Abu Dhabi in 2011. He has worked in Classroom 1, Classroom 2, as an Inclusion teacher at CIS, Lead Therapist in TR3, and he is currently the Lead Therapist in Transition classroom 6. This year, Tyler opened TR6 in Al Qarm secondary school. Tyler did a great job coordinating with Al Qarm and his supervisors in order to set TR6 up in a public school setting. Tyler has helped to keep an open and professional relationship with Al Qarm School where TR6 is located. Tyler has done a great job as the Lead of TR6. Tyler has been an excellent example to his team by taking the general education curriculum and breaking it down into leveled units for his students to access the curriculum. Through his differentiated lessons, program modifications, and adaptations, Tyler has shown his teachers how to be successful transition/inclusion teachers. Tyler has also coordinated with Al Qarm to create a successful environment for our transition classroom.