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Canada's History Will Inspire You!

The French and English have influenced Canada, but how and why? Well, Canadians are influenced by the French because the French explorer Jacques Cartier claimed the land for France, and named it New France. The settlers started moving in and they spoke French, so the settlers were also known as French Canadians. The descendents of those French Canadians spoke French. There cultures were now like the French. After the Treaty of Paris in 1763, Britain took control of New France, and the settlers' cultures rubbed off on the French Canadians. There religion is mostly Roman Catholic. They got this religion from the French.

Canada Important features

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Canada's Environmental Issues

There are many environmental issues in Canada. First off, there is the acid rain problem. The acid rain in Canada affect the fishing industry, because the acid rain kills the fish. The Canadian Shield causes harm, because mining industry destroys the land and can harm wildlife. The timber industry can over extract the wood, and takes wildlife homes.
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