Much Ado About Nothing

Jenna Carpenter


Plot-Claudio wants to tell Hero that he is in love with her but is too shy.

In this plan to get Hero for Claudio, Don Pedro will disguise as Claudio at a party. This revealed that Claudio is a shy character, but he still wanted Hero to know that he loves her. It also shows that Don Pedro is a loyal friend.
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Plot-Hero pretends to be dead.

Hero must pretend to be dead to see if Claudio actually has feelings for her. This happens right after her father, Leonato, slaps her and says she is a disgrace to the family. Borachio is telling his plan when Dogberry and Verges find out and the plan gets ruined.
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Plot-Beatrice and Benedick express their love for one another.

Beatrice and Benedick argue with each other throughout the whole play. They insist that they are not in love with each other, even though the audience knows they are. At the end they express their love for each other through letters that were hidden.
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This song is a good way to express the theme of love. The title of the song "You're Still the One" relates to the theme because no matter what Claudio will always love Hero. Also, in the song it says "I bet they will never make it". This relates to Beatrice and Benedick because for how much they argued, characters thought they would never make it through a relationship. Overall, this song is a good representation of the theme, love.