AVID 2014-2015

By Naomi Willliams

Avid strategies

In avid we do tutorials and that's where we have to have a TRF which is a paper where you write down your point of confusions and then you will talk about them in class and that really helped me with the things i didn't get and help me in the future.

How I grew as a student this year

This year i didn't start off to well i didn't get off to the best start I didn't take things to serious and didn't realize how much i was effecting my grades but after a while I started paying attention in my classes and sometimes even going to tutorials.


My organization wasn't to good at the beginning of the year but as we started having binder checks in Avid I started paying attention to my binder because i didn't want to get a bad grade and also my mom was on me about my binder so I kept it in order so I didn't get my phone taken up.

Avid~ Decades of College Dreams


What will I do next semester to continue to grow in these areas

Next semester I will try harder than I did last semester, I will pass every single class, turn in my phone to my mom on weekdays, and pay attention more. I'm not as happy with my grades now but i am willing to get the up and i hope next semester i don't have to worry about because they will be good.