Job Fair Flyer


  1. Must be 35 years of age
  2. Natural born citizen
  3. Be a citizen of the United States for 14 years

Salary, Benefits, and Perks

Salary: $400,000

Benefits/perks: shelter, food, transportation, protection

Leadership Traits

  1. Multiple perspectives and opinions- must be able to agree and disagree with many people and many statements.
  2. Effective desicion making- must have very good decision making skills to make the tough choices.
  3. Trust between government and people- must gain and maintain trust amongst the people and other government people.
  4. Conflict resolution- must be able to resolve tough conflicts.

Role as President

My role as president would be to produce better gun control. Gun violence and just plain violence is growing in the United States. People are able to get various guns without little checks to see if they are qualified or able to use those guns. What should be in place is better background checks and possibly training courses on the guns people buy to inform them the proper way to use those weapons and maintain gun safety.

Three leadership traits that would come from this would be conflict resolution- finding a solution to a problem such as gun violence, decision making- deciding what should be done to lower violence and inform people about guns, and Trust of people- making people know the President is trying to protect the people.

Constitutional Powers

  • Sign or veto legislation
  • Command armed forces
  • Ask for written opinion of the cabinet
  • Convene or adjourn congress
  • Grant reprieves and pardons
  • Assign judges and officers with consent of the Senate
  • Executive orders
  • Executive agreements
  • Treaties

I think vetoes or executive orders are the most important because they are able to make or decline specific things if they needed.