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Learning by doing!

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Teachers of the year observe students

Our very own teacher of the year, Vinnie Vilello and GCPS' TOTY for 2015, Dr. Sharon Smith engage students as they take on the challenge of creating their individual 3-D structures. Dr. Smith was our Principal for a Day. She visited several classes and was extremely impressed with the awesome work at Lilburn ES from students and teachers. She mentioned that she would love to have several teachers from her school come over to observe many of the teachers here at Lilburn. Dr. Smith is a teacher from Brookwood ES.
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STEAM ahead!!!

Students making movies!!


A big "Thank You" to staff members: Keri Duncan, Krissy Eriksson, Noreen Freeman, and Vinnie Vilello for writing a grant to the GCPS Foundation to advance our school-wide STEM program for all students! We received $4000 to support the program. What an exciting direction we're headed - teaching and learning with a hands-on problem solving approach while using technology. Welcome to 21st century education!

Quote for the day...

The first and most important person you must believe in is yourself.

- Toni Sorenson – Author

The First Semester

It's true! Time does fly! This cliche has become more real to me as I've gotten older. That feeling of never having enough time or having so much to do in so little time has become the standard mode of operation. I am sure many of you are feeling the same way, Teacher evaluations, assessments (Milestones and DDAs), students rotating in and out, all create a sense of ongoing urgency. Well, let's make a promise to slow down and focus on all that is good in life. Celebrate your accomplishments, your health, your family. Enjoy the hugs and smiles from our children - all of them! Let's stop and reflect and acknowledge the wonderful successes we've all experienced. Count your blessings!! During this winter break, let it go..let it go...
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Our wonderful robotics team did it! This past weekend they had their first competition at the regionals and brought back a 1st place trophy for overall performance and a 2nd place trophy for robot performance!

We should all be so proud of our future scientists! Extend your congratulations when you see them.

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Lilburn Legomatics!

(Outer circle L-R) Aamir Syed, Rebeca Reyes, Tasfia Khondokar, Kevin Hernandez, (me-Dr. Taylor), Mila Black, Ema Selimovic, and Dat Mai

Inner L-R) Logan Yang, Kien Le, and Tri Do.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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