Nutrition Choice.

choose it, make it, eat it, loose it!

Would you like to eat without getting fat?

This device is a miracle worker. You are now able to eat without gaining anything! This is how it works, the Nutrrition Choice is made to feed you. You are craving your favorite dinner, but you are worried about getting fat. Well that isn't a problem anymore! You type in the food of your choice, the Nutrition Choice makes it for you, then you are able to eat it! Its harmeless to children, easy for teenagers, and allows adults to rest! Its a healthy, portable product so you can take it everywhere you go!

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About The Inventor.

Hello, my name is Emily Suarez. Im attending in an 8th grade speech class during the second semester at Ennis Junior High. My speech teacher has assigned us to come up with an invention that we think might help the world. This has been my invention, I hope you enjoyed.

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