Insurance claims handler

Job description

 Insurance claims handlers, make sure that the claims are handled efficiently and the payment is made to their policyholders. Insurance claims handlers also deal with external experts for example loss adjusters and lawyers. They may also be  involved in loss adjusting activities or in legal discussions about the recovery of money from the party responsible for the loss. Work on complex cases needs experience and expert knowledge.

Typical activities

-Providing advice on making a claim.Guiding  policy holders on how to proceed with a claim.Getting legal  recovery of monies paid out. Taking responsibility of profit. Investigationg fraudlent claims. Ensuring that the customer is treated fairly and getting the excellent service                                                                               

Salary and conditions

-starting salaries at entry level are around £14,000-starting salaries at trainee. Management are around £18,000-20,000. Salaries for those with rhe right experience, skills and qualifications are £50,000. Working week is usually 35-40 hours

Entry requirments

Although this area is open to all graduates, some subjects like: business management, economics and accountancy, law, mathematics, amy increase your chances. This area ia also open to diplomates: accounting/finance, businesss with languages, business management, legal studies, mathematics, public administration.