Lakota Preschool Daily Memo!

By: Kelly Miller


Transition Message from Stephanie:

Shout out:

Brianna: Carolyn (the head Lakota nurse) came into a K trans meeting today, met Brianna for the first time and said “You are AMAZING! You are so organized, it’s so nice to meet you.” I just want to follow that up with a HUGE DITTO! Transition is such an under taking, being the only psych doing it all, I can’t imagine! The time you spend with the parents before, during, and after the meetings with the parents does not go unnoticed and is much appreciated! THANKS for all your hard work!

In general:

1 - Teachers and related service people completing Kindergarten transitions:

Thanks for getting parents to the meetings – We’ve had 100% attendance this week! GREAT JOB!

We realize how much you have to do, and how time consuming it all is, PLEASE, realize, that it is EXTREMEMLY important that you get your information into the ETR/IEP by Thursdays for Monday meetings and Fridays for Tuesday meetings. The transition team is looking at the ETR and IEP to make sure all that we needs is in there to support or not support the need for services. PLEASE stick to this timeline! In addition, please make sure you know what type of meeting we are holding for your child, ETR, ETR/IEP, or IEP. If you are unsure – please ask! All of our goal is for the kiddos to be as successful as possible in Kindergarten, and this is just one HUGE step in that process. I know how time consuming it is, thanks for doing your part!!!

2 - Some of you have asked when we will be holding amendment meetings for students who need a change of placement for next year. We will be developing a plan for placement and hope to have that completed by the end of the month. Once that is completed, Stephanie will send out an email with an explanation and dates to hold these meetings.

3 – It’s that time of year when parents are requesting to have their child’s time changed for next year (i.e. currently pm and want am next year). While we will not be able to switch all students, if a parent asks you, take their name and start a list, we will ask for these names soon. Some students are zoned for am and are in the pm, we will try to assign students next year for what their Kindergarten zone is.


Kelly at Shawnee and Liberty (AP meeting)
Stephanie at Creekside & Liberty
Kelly at Creekside
Stephanie at Shawnee
Kelly & Stephanie at Shawnee, Creekside, & BCESC
**Staff meeting (BCESC, 2-4pm)



Floating IA- Gigi covering
Liberty A Support- Zondra Harris (p.m. only)






Important Dates:
April 5th- Autism Awareness Day (wear your Owl t-shirt or blue)
April 6th- All Policy Council Updates are due by noon!

April 8th- Quarterly Principal Meeting (Creekside at 10:15am)

April 8th- Staff Meeting, BCESC Room A from 2-4pm

April 8th- Autism Awareness Puzzle Pieces due to the SPIRIT committee

April 11th-14th- Federal CLASS review (schedule unannounced)

April 12th- Shawnee IEP Day & Child Reviews

April 15th- Liberty Child Review Day

April 13th- Higher order Center Questions for Growing due! See e-mail

April 20th- Liberty IEP Day

April 22nd- BCESC Wellness Escape Day at Camp Campbellguard

April 28th- Niederman Farm "Night of Travel"- Choosy Boards will be presented here!

April 29th- TS Gold Checkpoints Due!

April 29th- Daytime Conferences

May 1st- 2nd Brigance screening due and recorded

May 3rd- Evening Conferences (all staff ending by 8pm)

May 6th- Daytime Conferences continued, if needed

May 6th- Early Childhood End of Year Picnic (hosted by Suzanne & Sissy)

May 4th-May 10th- OTES Finalization Meetings (evidence for goals & final rating)

May 13th- Last Staff Meeting of Year (BCESC, 2-4pm)

**3-4pm (End-of-Year Picnic, courtesy of Fans Network!)**

May 14th- ELA completed and score sheets submitted to Sharon Meek