Jaguarundi cat

By: Karina Trejo

Background Information

The Jaguarundi is a small wildcat with short rounded ears. Adults can reach up to 30 inches in length and grow tails up to 20 inches long. The color of their fur can be a brown, dark brown, or gray color. They are also called otter cats because their legs are so short, they have long bodies, and have small flattened heads. These characteristics give them an otter like appearance. They prefer to live in lowland areas and close to water. They are good tree climbers and also good swimmers. They usually eat fish from the streams or small mammals.

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Causes of Endangerment

The reason they became endangered is due to habitat loss. When there were more cats distributed throughout the land they were often caught in traps that were set up for animals as well. They were listed as endangered on June 14, 1976.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are working on rising the numbers for these animals, They want to reintroduce the animals into their known habitats. The problem with helping these cats is the lack of knowledge scientist have on them.