All About Wind

The amazing wind flyer

What is wind?

Wind is the horizontal movement of air from an area of high pressure to an area of lower pressure. Did you know that wind is caused by the difference in air pressure? It's also caused by the unequal heating in the Earths surface.

Local Winds

A local wind is a wind that blows over a short distance like a breeze. A local wind is made by unequal heating in the Earth's surface like wind. Although in a small area. There are two types of local winds, sea breezes and land breezes.

Sea Breeze

A sea breeze is one of the two local winds. It blows during the day time. This local wind blows from a body of water (lake, sea, ocean, etc.) to the land on the sea shore. For an example, have you ever been to the beach, played in the sand and felt a nice breeze coming at you? That right there is a sea breeze. When you go to an island, during the day it's very windy because the island is totally surrounded by water.
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Land Breeze

A land breeze is the other breeze of the two local winds. A land breeze blows during the night time. It blows away from the land coming to a body of water (As I said before; lake, sea, ocean etc.). For an example, when I had to ride ferry to go to a Greek island from Greece. This was at night so I could feel the land breeze coming at me while standing next to the open window.
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Global WInds

This type of wind called a Global Wind is a wind that blows over long distances and blows the same direction every single time no matter what happens. Just like Local winds, A Global wind is created by the unequal heating of the Earth's surface except in a large area. Have you ever wondered about the large convection current that makes storms spin the way they do? This convection current occurs between the equator and the poles. It's called the Coriolis affect. The Coriolis affect causes winds in the Northern Hemisphere to blow right and winds in the Southern Hemisphere to blow left.

Horse Laditudes

Horse latitudes are the calm areas found around the Earth. These are subtropical latitudes are found between 30 degrees and 38 degrees both in the northern and southern hemisphere. This gives a disadvantage to sailors since there are calm winds to travel with.
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Like the Horse latitudes, Doldrums are calm, light, gentle winds. The only difference is the Doldrums are on the equator. These have sudden storms, sometimes. This wind is found on 0 degrees latitude, also known as the imaginary line that splits the earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres; the Equator.

Jet Stream

The jet stream is the last of the six global winds. The jet stream is a fast flowing air current found in the atmosphere of some planets, but right now we are focusing on Earth's Jet Stream. The Jet Streams are located about 10 kilometers above Earth.
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