Parker Wolfla


There isn't much of us, the Wolfla family is small witch is funny because Wolfla is German for small wolf. Another fun fact is that no one in my family is over 6"3 so that ties into the hole small wolf thing.

Lebanon tigers

Sunday, June 7th, 10pm

Lebanon, IN, United States

Lebanon, IN

Lebanon tigers is a prospect baseball team I play for in Indiana. Baseball is life in my opinion. This 2016 season is going to be my 11th season!!! This isn't just a team it's a brother hood as dumb as that sounds it's true! For the next 2 year I will fly to Indiana and play ball with all of them!

After high school

After high school I wanna be in the U.S. navy. When next years baseball season is over I will go to the recruiter and then it goes on from there! My dad aas in the navy and so was my uncle! I wanna go to the navy and stay in as long as possible. When I get there I wanna be a gunners mate(gunners mate does mostly anything that has to do with a gun)