The Asian Tiger Mosquito (Invasive)

By:Daisy Ramirez- Jarquin 12/8/15 Block 4


The Asian Tiger mosquito is an invasive species that is also known as Forest Day Mosquito. Its scientific name is Aedes albopictus. They are in the category "Invasive Species" because they harm human-being. This type of mosquito tend to carry LOTS of bacteria which leads to malaria which is a deadly disease towards humans. Having malaria and trying to control it so you can survive can be really devastating because the symptoms you feel are really bad.
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Some ways you can help reduce or prevention this type of disease and mosquitos can be building a bird or bat house, wearing long sleeves when you go outside to limit mosquito bites, limit your time outdoor, spray bug repellent, and visit the doctor when going to specific country for malaria prevention.