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Week of November 19

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Wows of the Week

*During SIT this week, I was super impressed with how every teacher came prepared with their data prepared to have conversations to help students be more successful.

*I loved seeing students using our outdoor classroom (behind the library) to investigate living and non-living things.

*It was exiting to see a fifth grade class use Mrs. Logsdon as an expert voice on multi-media elements. To transfer their knowledge, the students researched music that will show the mood of the plays they are writing.

*During instruction in a third grade classroom, the teacher embedded our habit of the month, Put First Things First, into her reading lesson. Powerful!



Acuity Science Early Indicator A - 5th Grade Only - Testing Window Nov. 23 - Dec. 4

Acuity Diagnostic Online ELA & Math - K-2nd Grade - Testing Window Jan. 5 - Jan. 15th


We will also need Kindergarten teachers to give the MOY Reading Benchmark Assessment - Testing Window - Dec. 7 - Dec. 22 and record that information in SIS.

Grades 1-5 will record guided reading group instructional levels in SIS - Testing Window - Dec. 7 - Dec. 22

Writing Assessment - K-5 - Testing Window - Jan. 5th - Jan. 15th - recorded in SIS

The reading and writing MOY scores will only have to be entered in SIS because the literacy specialists have been working with the fabulous John Howard to make it possible for us to get all of the reports we need from the data entered in SIS. He also made the data entry process much quicker for you so that you aren't having to enter the data, save, go to a new student, etc. Thank you so much to John Howard and the literacy specialists, who did a ton of behind the scenes work to make this happen! This will you all so much time! John will be sending screenshot directions out to all teachers soon explaining how to enter the data in SIS, so please be watching for those.

Update on the Assistant Principal Search

This past week, Dr. Pearce and I scored the writing vignettes and checked references. We will be bringing forward two candidates to the Sweeny Leadership Team next week.

Mr. Chris Lockmiller, fourth grade teacher from Lyon will be job shadowing and interviewing on Monday.

Mrs. Kelly Hobbs, third grade teacher from Schofield will be job shadowing and interviewing on Tuesday.

The Sweeny Leadership Interview Team will review data from the interviews after Tuesdays interview. A candidate will be recommended to the Board of Education on Thursday night. My hope is to be able to introduce the new assistant principal to you by Friday, November 20th. I appreciate your support and patience as we have gone through this search. If you have any feedback, please feel free to pass it along to myself or your leadership team representative.

A Week at a Glance

Announcement Helpers: Mrs. Basta's Class

Monday, November 16: Sweeny Spirit Wear Day; 8:30 Data Meeting 5th grade

Tuesday, November 17: 8:30 a.m.SPED Staffing; 2:30 Counselor/Admin Meeting; Mrs. Wise here; Fall Concerts (3-5th); Ms. Wise here

Wednesday, November 18: 8:45 am Veterans Program; Beth out to AdCab; Grade Card Opens; Duck and Cover Drill

Thursday, November 19: 1:30 Federal Programs Meeting; Ms. Wise here

Friday, November 20: Mid-quarter Reports go home; Thanksgiving Celebration; Happy Birthday Amy Laub

Saturday, November 21: Happy birthday Twyla Biber!

November Quote of the Month

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Together is better...thank you for keeping our spaces clean and organized!

November-Please remember to check your assigned area each day...thank you!

Sweeny Diner/Staff Lounge-3rd Grade Team

Makerspace-1st Grade Team

Literacy Library-2nd Grade Team

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