Getting A Good Look

Mikayla Cardona

One day at dinner me and my grandparents were talking when I said '' Today at school I couldn't see the board.'' My grandma said that she would make an appointment for me after school. That week on Friday my grandpa came to pick me up from school and took me to the Anna Eye Care. My grandpa saw that the eye doctor was coming. The eye doctor called my name and me and my grandparents went into the room where the doctor took some pictures of my eyes, then showed me my eyes.

The doctor moved me to another room there he put different lens up and asked which looked better for me to see through. After a while the doctor wrote some things down on a paper and said,''Well I have news. You have to get glasses.'' I was so happy I said "Can I go pick my frames now!'' the doctor laughed and said that I could go and pick my frames.

I told my grandma to come with me to find the right frames. We kept trying different frames then we finally found the ones. After two weeks my glasses came. I put them on and said,'' WOW!!! I can actually see far and now I might be able to see the board at school.'' me and my grandparents were so happy and now I can see the world more clearly.

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