Four Calling Birds Challenge!

Avoid January Island!

Book Your January Shows Now!

Join us in an annual Hawk Team Tradition! The Four Calling Birds challenge will help you book your January shows by December 15th! We find that if consultants do not book January shows before Christmas they often get stuck on "January Island" with no business. Don't close YOUR business in January! Books are NOT seasonal!
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Here is How it Works!

  • Pick FOUR days between now and Monday, December 8th.
  • Make FOUR contacts each day. A contact is a back and forth conversation that can take place on the phone, in person, over text, or FB. You may have to call/text more than four people to get the four contacts if they do not answer.
  • Set you goal to book FOUR events during this challenge!

Action Steps:

1. Gather your leads! Make list of people you want to call

2. Choose your days and a chunk of time (even just 5 minutes at a time works!)

3. Take look at and read about Objections and how to overcome them.

4. Print out this tracking sheet

5. Start calling!

Hewitt Team Rewards

Besides a thriving business you will earn a new 2015 title from with FOUR events on your calendar for Jan. or Feb. Email or FB me your booked dates!

Katie Hewitt

Sr. Executive Team Leader