PMF: Prime Marketing Firm

-Shania Tran

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Marker Managing

Location: Canada-Ontario-Toronto

Job Description:

  • Responsible for developing and implementing direct marketing strategies and campaigns designed to promote conferences
  • Core responsibilities are direct marketing, creative management, and outreach management
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What is required?


  • University degree (Marketing or business degree)
  • 4+years in direct marketing experience
  • Proficiency in French (writing and verbal)
  • Conference experience is an asset
  • Proficiency with Microsoft word

Marketing Skills Required:

  • University degree in Marketing/Business
  • Strong attention in detail
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Effective ability to communicate well with other companies

Other Points of Interest:

  • strong analytical and critical thinking skills
  • highly motivated and proactive

Additional Information to Benefit Marketing Career:
  • Internships at business companies
  • Volunteer at places that require marketing skills (events, companies, or school)
  • Apply to jobs that require marketing skills, that way you can practice your interpersonal skills and improve work ethic

Institutions and Programs:


Why is this job perfect for you?

This career would be perfect for me because I would be able to combine my interpersonal skills and my academic skills to my fullest potential. The Canadian Institute requires me to create, develop, execute, and monitor all marketing activities, I am able to complete that with my skills that I have learned through previous jobs and school work I have done. I am creative and able to think outside the box when designing the conference materials, with that I can apply my artistic skills and create a unique sell-copy of the Canadian institute brand. The career also requires me to be communicative and speak to other head business executives which falls in my category because I am an outgoing and conversational person, and with those skills I can easily communicate with other companies clearly and professionally. Lastly the job requires me to be analytically strong and have critical thinking skills, one of my hobbies are solving problems and that requires me to have a critical thinking mind which I can then apply to the marketing job. All the skills needed to have this job and do well in the company I am able to put on the table, therefore this job is suitable for my skills and level.