Red River Ox Cart Rides

By: Isaac McGarvey

Cheap Red River Ox Cart Rides

Do you want to feel like your in the past? If yes than this is the thing for you. Try Red River Ox Cart rides it will make you feel just like your in old times. Have your choice of the typical ox pulled cart and travel up to 12 miles in a day, or use a horse and travel up to 50 whole miles in one day.


The Red River Cart is a two wheeled cart made of wood. The cart was made by settlers, fur traders, and the Metis Native Americans. These carts made there first appearance in the early 1800's in settlements along the Red River near Manitoba. The carts could carry around 500 pounds up to 50 miles in a day by horse, or a 1000 pounds up to 20 miles a day by ox.


  • You can remove the wheels and put them on the bottom of the cart to create a raft to traverse waters.
  • In the winter you can remove the wheels to make a sled which can be pulled by a -horse.
  • Easy to make


  • Not a smooth ride. Could be very bumpy with no shock absorbers.
  • Very noisy. The wood rubs against wood in the axle so it would squeal. Couldn't use grease because it would pick up dust and dirt and wear out the axle and hub quickly.
  • Slow. If by ox only about 12-20 miles a day.
  • Have to bring extra wood because it could break half a dozen axles on one trip.
Red River Carts