Jackie Robison

A biograghy By:Landon Parsley

Early life

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born on Jan.31,1919 in Cairo,Georgia.In 1942 thru 1944 he served as a 2nd lieutenant in the army. In 1944 he was arrested for refusing to move on a segregated bus. Than in 1944 he was discharged from the army.

Impact on Society

Jackie Robinson Started to be more interested in baseball. Branch Rickey chose him to play for the Montreal Royals which is the Brooklyn Dodgers farm team in 1946. He signed with Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. He gave blacks a chance to play baseball.If he was never alive colored people nor me never be able to play baseball .


He had one problem playing baseball. He was a black. The whites didn't like him at all. One time when he was batting the other teams manager was using the n word and other racial things he didn't do anything because he would get arrested and fired. Even his team didn't want to play with him. There was one teammate who didn't care he was black his name was Pee Wee Reese. He was the team captain. One game at his hometown down south he put his arm around Jackie and said he didn't care color he was, they were teammate.

His Family

He had a wife Rachel Robinson 1946-1972. He had three kids:David,Jackie Jr,Sharon.He died in Connecticut on Oct. 24, 1972.

Work Cited

I am telling where i got my information from i got my information from biography.com ,from a book called Jackie Robinson and Wikipedia.com

Elder Days

Jackie Robinson retired in 1957.He was inducted in the hall of fame in 1962. His number was the first to be retired in 1972.Than he passed away in 1972.