By Nate McNulty

The Story of Jonah

Jonah, son of Amittti, was told by God to travel to Nineveh and preach the God news. Jonah however did not take this news well. He really hated the people of Nineveh and thought they were all terrible. He refused to go and decided to head to Tarshish instead. He first went to Joppa so he could get a trip to Tarshish. Jonah boarded a ship going to Tarshish. But God sent out a great storm and the crew was worried. Jonah had gone below deck and had fallen asleep. The captain said How can you sleep. He told him to pray to his God so they do not perish. They cast lots to so who was causing the calamit. It went on Jonah and he explained that he was a hebrew running a way from God. The decided the only way out was to throw Jonah overboard. When he went overboard he was swallowed by a whale. He spent three days in the whale. God once again told JOnah to go to Nineveh. He obeyed and went through Nineveh telling people about their sins and to repent. The people realised their wrongs and repentd. God decided to not blow up the city but Jonah was angered by this. Later through a lesson God taught him Jonah realised he was wrong about wanting the city to blow up.
Stories From The Bible - Jonah
Jonah and the Whale song