Room 103 Newsletter


Hello Room 103 Families,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful winter break. It’s so great to see all the kids again and we’re already busy rebuilding our stamina this first week back.

The beginning of the year is a time for reflection and setting goals. Last month, the kindergarten teachers worked together, analyzing the students’ writing to share the many successes we’ve seen, as well as determine a common area for growth.

The Goal:

The area of focus we’ve decided on as a grade level is for our students to be able to recognize/name and write all lowercase letters, while being mindful of the letters’ directionalities (how to write each letter) and sizing. As most of the text we read and write are composed of lowercase letters, we believe that this is an area worth developing right now and will help strengthen your child’s fluency across all literacy activities. While we’ve already begun working on this in class, we would appreciate your support at home!

How to Help:

Starting next Monday (January 11th), your child will bring home a letter writing packet each week in their book bags that contains lowercase letter writing practice pages. Each packet focuses on different types of lowercase letters. For example, there are seven letters that we call “Magic C” letters (each letter starts out with a “c” shape – except for “e,” which ends with a “c” shape), some that start at “the sky” (top of the line – b, d, f, etc.), some that start at “the fence” (broken lines – a, c, e, i, etc.), and some that go “underground” (g, j, p, q, y, etc.). The terms may sound confusing, but you will understand when you see the packets.

As with the name writing practice “homework” in the beginning of the year, we are asking that you spend some time with your child completing one page of the lowercase letter work per night. Start by looking over the letters on the page, talking about what you notice (the starting points, shapes, kinds of lines, etc.). Then have your child write each letter five times on the lines, as you observe/support them with the directionality and sizing of each letter. Next, have your child circle a letter on each line that they felt was their very best. This helps to raise awareness of their progress and what they are aiming for. The extra row at the bottom is to practice one of the letters on the page they would like to practice more. Please return the completed packets in your child’s book bag every Friday.

We really appreciate your support, and by working together, we know the kids will continue to make tremendous progress!


Miss Siobhan

Things for your Calendar

Friday 1/8 - Return book bags and Communication folders

Monday 1/18 - No school

Monday 1/25 - No school for students