Come Over Here to Laos!

A Laos Travel Flyer

Laos is the place to travel to!

Laos is one of the most cheapest places to have fun on trips. Be sure to bring your backpacking skills!


Have you ever had Lao Food?

Laos serves French Food? Whaat?

You have read it correctly, Laos is known well for it's french based cuisine's. It's like visiting Paris in Asia, so cool! Come on over and have some Croque Madame.


Places to Visit!

Laos has a lot of things to do and see, here is a list of the best places to visit!

Even though there is a bunch more to visit in Laos, these three are the biggest to go to.


Laos is a great travel experience, so go on now and visit the country located in Southeastern Asia!

Tradition's and Holidays/Celebrations!

Every country has it's own way of life. The U.S.A has different holidays than Cuba. That's why each country is unique. Laos has some of it's own too.

  1. Each year in January, different date every year, Laos celebrates Bun Pha Wet. Bun Pha Wet is a holiday celebrated throughout the country based on the act of giving.
  2. In February, usually held on the night of full moon, citizens celebrate Magha Puja. Everyone chants, plays music,and even circling their local temple to worship the festival of Lord Buddha.
  3. Also in February, the southeastern Asian country has their new year, Vietnamese Tet and Chinese New Year. This very noisy celebration is a great way to celebrate a new you.
  4. Boun Khoun Khao is a harvest festival hosted by local temples in March.
  5. This celebration lasting several days, Boun Pimai, is another celebration of the new year. Boun Pimai is in April and is a great sight.
  6. The public holiday, Labour Day, is celebrated on May 1st.
  7. The religious celebration of the Buddha,Visakha Puja, is in May.
  8. The festival of rockets, Boun Bang Fai, is a blast to attend in May.
  9. The public holiday, Children's Day, is celebrated on June 1st.
  10. The beginning of the 3-month Buddhist Lent, Khao Phansaa, starts in July.
  11. Haw Khao Padap Din, celebrated in August, is devoted to paying respects and remembering the loved ones that were lost.
  12. The end of the 3-month Buddhist Lent, Awk Phansaa (Awk Watsa), ends on a full moon in October.
  13. The water festival, Bun Nam, is held in riverside towns during October.
  14. A traditional festival centered at That Luang, Boun That Luang, is held in November.
  15. The national day of Laos is celebrated on December 2nd. A very stunning public holiday.
Although Laos doesn't celebrate Christmas or Halloween, all of their holidays are a great experience.