School Dress Codes

By Matt Vernier


Uniforms have been increasing at an increasing rate in public schools. Uniforms should not be forced upon students in public schools, but still have a dress code applied. Shooting in a Colorado public school caused trench coats to be banned. Shooting in a Georgia school caused baggy jeans to be banned. Students have been arrested for entering the school illegally, because they did not follow the dress code rules. Students in Arkansas protested uniform polices by wearing black wristbands. Only ¼ of the schools in the United States require uniforms. Uniforms should not be mandated but still have dress codes applied, because they lessen creativity and self-expression in children, and are simply a “band-aid” for violence in public schools (Wilde).

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Uniforms lessen creativity and self-expression in students. Students in schools with uniforms look for inappropriate ways to let their identity be known. Boys add accessories to make their uniforms different. Girls use make up early than those without uniforms. Girls also to look more active shorten their uniform skirts (What are the Pros and Cons of School Uniforms?). Later in life people who wore uniforms are not as outgoing as those who did not have uniforms in school. Uniforms make individual tasks more difficult because their sense of creativity and self-expression is weaker than those who didn't wear uniforms as students. Uniforms ruin creativity and expression, therefore uniforms should not be mandated in schools.

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It is said that uniforms/dress codes completely rid the school of violence and bullying and promote school pride. Yes I know that uniforms get rid of some violence in school, but not all violence like people are lead to think. Uniforms are actually like a band-aid (Wilde). When you get a cut you put a band-aid on it and it takes time to heal up, then you just go back out and cut yourself again. School violence is like the cut, a bully makes fun of you for what clothes you are wearing. School uniforms/dress codes are the band-aid solving the problem until the band-aid is ready to be “taken off”, and then that same bullying problem starts up again after a short while. In schools with uniforms have a higher chance of violence and drug use (Wilde).Proponents to school uniforms say that it increases school pride. Well of course it does because they are wearing clothes that say their school’s name on it. Uniforms/dress codes do not completely rid the school of violence.


Uniforms should not be forced upon kids in public schools because it only temporally stops violence and promotes school pride, and diminishes creativity and self-expression for students. Students need their creativity for a job interview; no one wants to hire a person who has no creativity at all. Later in life those same students need to express themselves to be a social person. Uniforms are used to try and stop school violence, but you’re actually causing it outside of school instead of in school where the problem is happening. If you are one of those school board members deciding whether uniforms should be used or not, it is definitely a big NO!

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