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Presents: Leonardo's Greatest Works

The Da Vinci exhibit!

Right on Main street, come and see Da Vinci's greatest works. We have our new exhibit for show at the moment, featuring Leonardo Da Vinci's greatest pieces of work. Starting with The Mona Lisa, and ending with The Last Supper. Stop in and see this man's greatest paintings.

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Leonardo Da Vinci - Who was he?

Leonardo Da Vinci was born in Vinci, Italy on April 15, 1452. He grew up to be a musician, a well know inventor, mathematician, and as a one of the greatest known artist of all time. He was known as the renaissance man, because he was well skilled in many fields.

"The Last Supper"

Around 1482 a man named Lorenzo De' Medici commissioned Leo to create many projects. It was around that time that Leonardo Da Vinci painted The Last Supper.

The Last Supper is the final meal that Jesus shared with his apostles in Jerusalem.

"Mona Lisa"

Leonardo's Mona Lisa was a privately commissioned painting completed somewhere between 1505 and 1507. The Mona Lisa was said to never be completed, Da Vinci had attempted perfection and kept it with him till the end of his life. Today the Mona Lisa hangs here surrounded by bulletproof glass. It is thought as a national treasure.

The "Virgin Of The Rocks"

A man names Prior Bartolomeo Scorline contracted Leonardo to paint some panels for an altarpiece. The contract was not specific on what the artist was suppose to do. In the painting it shows the Virgin Mary and Christ child, with two prophets, probably David and Isaiah, surrounded by angels.