By: Alyssa Burns

natural resores

Corn and soybeans are an important crop in Kentucky. Kentucky sells more tobacco than ay other state but North Carolina.


State Bird-Cardinal

State Flower-Goldenrod

State Horse-Though breed

State Animal-Squral

State Insect- Monarc

Land forms

Kentucky has 5 main land regions. Here are four. The Eastern Coal Fiald has forest,creeks and farms. The Bluegrass region is famous strong, fast horses and fertile farms. The Pennroyal region has rich natural gas and oil. Jackson Purchase has low lying farming area. The highest point in Kentucky is Big Black Moutain at 4,145 feet. The lowest point in Kentucky is Fulton County at 257 feet. The area of Kentucky is 39,732 sq. miles. Kentucky ranks 36 in size among the states.

How Kentucky got it's name?

Kentucky's nickname is th Bluegrass state. Kentucky got its nickname because in the right light and right time of year its grass is bluesh.

Famous people

Here are 5 famous people. William Wells Brown was the first African American to publish a book. Loretta Lynn is a country singer. Abraham Lincoln was a president of the United States. Mary T. Meagher is a olymipic swimmer and world recored bracker. Brian Littrell is a member of the singing group Backstreet Boys.