"Effects of drugs"

Warning people on the effects of drugs.

"Different effects of drugs"

*Euphoric sense of happiness.

*Increase energy.



*Increased blood pressure.

*Increased heart rate.





Perform repetitive tasks-






"Information about drugs."

A medicine or other substance which can be ingested or injected into the other, as well as other ways. Drugs have a physiological effect in ones mind and body. Drugs get addictive once you take them, there is no turning back. They can make you hurt others as well as hurting you badly inside and out.

"Reasons why you shouldn't do drugs."

*Live longer in life.

*Be educated.

*Finish school/collage.

*Happy life.

*Will not feel depression.

*Not harm your family.

*Will not hurt others.

*Will not lose friends.

*Have a career.

*No cancer.


*Have time.