Class Meetings

Weeks of April 4-15th.

Gratitude Trees and Garden

Research tells us that Gratitude is a daily act. Gratitude is not necessarily "taught but caught". What can you do each day to model your Gratitude? Gratitude has a direct correlation with one being happy and joyful. Please access the link below from the Character Lab website. Read the short article and watch the short video by Dr. Emmons. He gives you practical ways to incorporate gratitude into your classroom and personal lives.

The next couple of weeks, be mindful about incorporating Gratitude in your daily lessons and conversations. Some suggestions are: discussing how a character showed gratitude in the story, make a personal reference of how you are thankful for something that a co-worker or family member did for you, show appreciation for students that are helping others or simply engaging in your lesson. Again-it is caught not taught!


It is time to fill our trees with leaves! We are grateful that our student council has taken the time to make leaves for the K-2 students and templates for 3-5. During a class meeting have students select something they are grateful for-But push for them to go deeper! It is easy to say they are grateful for their parents, but this time we want to add the WHY! Once leave are completed, allow students to share their thoughts. Again, we are grateful to our PTA as they will put our leaves on the trees next week. Want more? See the link below about the Gratitude Family Garden project! (Kinder-second would love this as the older students as well!) Also, I am attaching a sweet video example that would be a fun project to do at the end of the year. Students can make a class video about their Awesome Year! How fun would that be for each student or pair of students to share what they thought was awesome!

*Leaves will be placed in your box. Once your leaves are completed, please send to the office.

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