By Keyla Sosa

My Finest Works

These are some of my finest pieces i"ve worked on, it varies from Photoshop to InDesign
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Dan and Phil: Sims Version

One of my favorite photoshop edits, the dan and phil sims version. Its a combination on two things i love Dan and Phil and The Sims! In the beginning of this project it was only suppose to be them with the plumbob, but i decided to add more items to the picture. This is one of my favorite works
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Dan Typographic Portrait

This is another piece i adore, Its a Dan Howell Typographic Portrait! This is my second favorite piece because it includes a person i look up to. This piece contains most of my favorite quotes from him and other things hes done or said.
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Career Poster

When i grow up i want to become an interior designer, one of our assignments was to make a career poster for our desired job, I tried to put as much information about the career in this poster, its my 3rd favorite piece.
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This piece isnt as fancy as the others but its another one of my favorites because of the inside jokes i added to it. I enjoy the childish but creative grams because it gives it the character it needs.
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Name Project

This is one of my least favorite pieces but its has a secret message inside each of the letters of my name!