Presidential want ad

By:Cheyenne Coon


You must be a natural born citizen of the united states. You must also be 35 years of age or older to run for president.

Duties of the president

The president must make sure that the laws of the united states are upheld and enforced. The president must be a role citizen, He must be a good leader and make sure that he fallows the laws.

Experience and traits

They must have at least served as a governor, a senator for 2 to 3 years that way they know the way politics work. That way they are not walking into this election blind. They must genuinely care about the people of the united states and base there election around topics that are important to the people.

Terms and benefits of the position

They can only serve for 2 terms. After they have served there two terms they are no longer allowed to run for president. Benefits of having a president is that the people elect them into office and they can only serve for two terms so that we don't end up having a king instead of a president. You also make $400,000 dollars a year for the rest of your life after being president.