Mrs. Nellessen's Classroom

The Weekly Buzz!

What's Happening This Week?

On Monday and Tuesday, Mrs. Nellessen will be at a conference in Eau Claire for Special Education training. While she's gone, Mrs. Steinke will be subbing! If you have any questions for Mrs. Nellessen while she's gone, send her an email at

It is also our student teacher, Jenny Browne's, last day on Friday. We've had a great time with her and wish her luck as she completes the rest of her degree! To celebrate, she will be bringing in a treat for the students on Friday. If your child has any food allergies, please contact either Mrs. Nellessen or Ms. Browne at by Thursday.


Don't forget to read your A-Z books at home! Remember, for every night that you read, you get stickers! Let's make it a great week and set a goal of reading at least four times at home. We want to meet our IEP goals, and this is a great way to get there!

You are still able to get Cricket Caughtchas from any teacher in the school. Simply follow our school rules of: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe and a teacher will give you one. If you save up enough, you may redeem them in the Cricket Caughtcha Store for some awesome prizes!

Important Dates to Remember

Please mark these dates on your calenders!

Nov 10th and 13th: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Nov 26th-28th: Thanksgiving Break

Our Focus This Week

This week we will be focusing on 3 specific skills to practice and master: handwriting, adding double-digit numbers, and sounding out words.

Handwriting: This week we will practice good handwriting skills in all of our lessons. Let's see if we can meet this week's goal of neat handwriting on every paper!

Adding double-digit numbers: This week we will practice adding two numbers that equal 100. Our goal this week is to get at least 90% of our math problems correct. Are you up for the challenge?

Sounding out words: This week we will practice sounding out words during reading time. We will spend extra time on the different kinds of sounds vowels can make. The goal this week is to correctly say all the long and short vowel sounds. Make sure to bring your thinking caps!

A Sneak Peek At This Week's Books

Joke of the Week

Why was the scarecrow given the Nobel Peace Prize?

Because he was out standing in his field!

-Submitted by AB