The Mysterious Teacher

By Kolbi and Zackery

Mysterious Teacher

The mysterious teacher was about these 4 kids and trying to figure out why Mr. Lim was acting so weird and why he kept on going to the polices office. Then they followed Mr. Lim to the police office, then he came out and saw all the kids and he was upset and he told the kids and it was about the field trip to the police office.
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Tina Turner - Undercover Agent For The Blues (Live)


Jacob thought Mr. Lim was a spy. I Picked this song because its sound like a good song for a spy because its called undercover agent. The other reason is i thought it was a good song to listen to.
Carrie Underwood - Temporary Home


Vera thought he was upset because he got a letter from his grandparents from Korea.
The Jackson 5 - ABC


Caleb thought it was just a some graded papers and trying to hide without the kids seeing he it. The reason why i picked it because its ABC and that's a good teacher song for the bac round.


Miguel thought he was in trouble because he kept on going to the police office. the reason why picked this song is because Miguel thought he was in trouble so thats why i picked trouble by Bob Dylan