Principal Update

March 5th, 2014

Happy Wednesday!

BSE Staff,

The temp is on the rise and the clock is ticking towards Spring Break. Let's keep the focus intense during out ISTEP/IREAD weeks and finish the next four weeks with some seriously creative instruction! The picture at the top of this smore represents what we will soon see outside of the art room....maybe.

I have been touring perspective kinder families and as I am walking the halls I am seeing postings that are absolutely awesome! The walls are dripping with authentic postings that provide visitors clear evidence that our students are participating in their learning. I pushed the group rather hard mid year and the turn around has been grand. Thank you to all of you who made a change and put your focus on the "real" outcomes of your students' learning. Keep recycling or selling those teacher store items and we will see one of the most "real" schools on the north side. Thanks to Ms. McCarty for the amazing art postings and her student teacher's work hanging in the 3rd/4th grade hall is super cool!

As you all know the next 3.5 weeks will be the toughest we face in regard to student discipline and parent concern elevation. Let's keep some of the simple things in mind that will help us all have smoother, happier, and focused pre-spring break period.


  • SUPERVISION: Let's face it, if you are tight on supervision your students will have less opportunity to get themselves off task and this will reduce the probability of big ticket discipline. This goes for in class, in hallways, and at recess.
  • INSTRUCTION: Yep, it matters the most, those who teach with intensity and who plan for great instruction have less or no discipline.
  • STUDENT CHOICE: Like adults, little human children love choices, those who build the choice into each learning block find great engagement and limited distraction among their students.
  • CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE: Really, we do control this, so make your day great because YOU choose to do so.


  • 24 HOUR RULE: This rule has two parts that are VERY effective in reducing the parent concern level.
  • First, return an email or call within one day of a complaint, concern, or question. Parents will play nice and are MUCH more willing to solve problems if they are responded to. Remember emails are short and sweet, but at minimum the parent will feel respected by the timely response.
  • Second, if a parent is highly upset, angry, or volatile, wait till the next morning or day to CALL and talk through the issue. ALWAYS send me any situations you need help with and when you don't know what to do, please ask me!!! I'll help solve any problem we face with a smile.
  • PROBLEM SOLVE: We "the people" can tend to get a bit defensive when we are the target of a complaint etc. Breath, listen, listen, and listen some more. Respond, after listening, with a realistic way forward...always giving choices. People love choices, and will by instinct, find a solution when given the opportunity.

Final Staff Meetings

  • March 19th, 7:50AM, Dr. Smith and Mr. R will talk about the financial status of HSE.
  • April 16th, 7:50AM, PBIS TEAM presents the #5
  • May 30th, 8AM, PTO Sponsored staff breakfast - Celebrations Only

4th Grade Mythology and Coaster Gala - #amazingeducationashowcase

COMPUTER LAB CLOSED FOR TESTING - Friday, March 14th to Friday, March 21st

Please Remember:

  • Know who stays for tutoring and on the CORRECT days. Keeping kids on the wrong days makes us look pretty unprofessional.

  • Schedule any "big" parent events (educational showcases) with me prior to your inviting or notifying of the event.

  • To ask a kindergarten teacher how they responded to their NWEA mid year data. Talk about a full team collaborative professional response!