Darwin's Postulates

Fabiana Guajardo


  1. Individual organisms have differing traits from other organisms in their species. These include shape and size.
  2. Some trait differences are heritable from parent through offspring in every generation. For example, blue-eyed parents have offspring with blue eyes.
  3. In every generation, there are more offspring than the number of those who can actually survive. Therefore, only some individuals get to produce offspring–some more than others.
  4. There exist organisms that have certain heritable traits that makes them more likely to survive and reproduce. This is called natural selection: when individual organisms with certain characteristics produce more offspring than individuals without those characteristics.

Theory of Evolution

  • The process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable physical of behavioral traits.
  • All life on Earth is connected and related to one another; we have a common ancestor
  • Diversity is a product of population modifications by natural selection
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