4th Grade December Update

Miss Fowler's Class

Reading Workshop

December finds us completing our exciting exploration of nonfiction reading. Our next focus will be on Sequence. Sequence is the order in which things happen. Students will apply their skill of close reading for information to identify the order of events in their current independent reading. This practice will prepare them for our study of historical fiction next month.

Writing Workshop

This month we continue our unit on Persuasive Essays. Students have already completed writing their first essays and will build upon that practice by focusing on crafting strong thesis statements and strengthening arguments. Through self and peer editing students will also work to integrate new vocabulary into their stories. They will apply corrections marks they have learned as they locate errors and work on omitting the "fluff"; details and sentences that do not move their argument along. We will conclude the month with celebrating our published work.


This month we will continue our study of fractions. To begin, students reviewed converting whole numbers and mixed numbers into improper fractions. Through this unit students have been working on note-taking and identifying formulas or "recipes" that can be used to solve problems involving fractions. Students are encouraged to take their Math Composition Notebooks home to assist during homework and further strengthen their understanding. By the end of the month, students will be able to find the number of objects in a fraction of a set and express a part as a fraction of the whole. Lastly, we will continue reinforcing our multiplication facts and doing our daily mental math and word problems.

Social Studies

After spending time becoming experts on the geography of Pennsylvania this month we will branch out to explore the Northeast Region. We will look at various maps and gain an understanding of state boundaries. We will also learn about natural resources in Pennsylvania and the Northeast. This will help us to begin learning about people and how they lived in the past compared to present day. Exploration of major industries, landmarks and culture will give students a diverse and enriching experience.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, December 3 - Buddy Meeting for Worship

Friday, December 19 - Holiday Meeting for Worship

Friday, December 19 - Classroom Holiday Parties