Krypton (Kr)

Jordan Gan


I chose to research this element because it reminded me of Superman, and also because I thought it would be interesting.

Krypton originates from the greek word Kryptos which means hidden. The element name matches up to its abbreviation because the first two letters ar Kr and the abbreviation is Kr.

Krypton is in the air at 1ppm(parts per million). There is some Krypton on mars. It is characterised by its bright green and yellow spectral lines.

Under room temperature, Krypton is a colourless, odourless, tasteless gas (also its rather expensive).

A picture of the element is located below:


Krypton was discovered by Sir William Ramsay (he also discovered helium and argon), and Morris W. Travers in 1898 in Britain.

What is it used for

Krypton is mainly used for Photography and lighting.

We should preserve it because we don't have much of its and if we do, we can discover more uses for it.