Hydrogen is the "one".

Element symbol

The symbol for Hydrogen is H

Atomic number

The atomic number is 1

Atomic Mass

The atomic mass is 1.00794

5 characteristics of Hydrogen...

1. Hydrogen has no taste, it has no specific color, and it has no smell.

2. It is not soluble in water.

3. It is the lightest gas.

4. When it is at room temperature, Hydrogen is a gas.

5. It's melting point is -259.1 degrees Celsius.

5 uses of Hydrogen...

  1. Hydrogen is used to create water.
  2. Electrical generators use Hydrogen as a gas.
  3. It also goes into making ammonia. Ammonia is an ingredient in many household cleaning products.
  4. It is used in petroleum and chemical industries.
  5. Hydrogen gas is used as car fuel.

The History of Hydrogen.

Hydrogen was dicovered by Henry Cavendish in 1766. The origin of the name comes from the Greek words "hydro", meaning "water", and "genes" meaning "generator". It was named by Antoine Lavoisier. Cavendish described it as "inflammable air from metals".

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