How to Get UAE Entry Visa

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How to Get UAE Entry Visa

I take this time to give you information about the UAE entry visa. I have been browsing through the internet and noticed that different people are giving different opinions about obtaining entry visas to Dubai. UAE is offering various types of visas.

Tourist visas - This is the most commonly issued visa by this country. They are exclusively meant to be used for tourism purposes only. The authorities are very strict with those misusing the tourist visas by entering into the country and searching for a job on a tourist visa and also there are a lot of people who come on this tourist visa and work. It is illegal and the visa holder is subjected to get hefty fines, lifetime blacklist or/and even a jail term. Please remember not to violate the laws of this country, you shall be caught very easily and once caught there is no way to escape but to face the consequences. Therefore, please do not misuse the tourist visas.

It is only for the tourist who come here on a short stay basis. The tourist visas are issued with a validity of thirty days and can be extended to another 30 days by paying around 180 USD. The UAE visa price you pay to the government is only AED 210( which is USD 58), unfortunately it has been noticed that so many middle men make extreme profits by charging around 250 to 500 USD. The authorities have given strict instructions not to charge excess on visas.

Visit visas - These visas are usually issued by the corporate companies for a period of 30 days but can be extended upto 90 days for Tour of UAE. The purpose of these visas are meeting the corporate clients, striking business deals or for attending interviews but not to work on these visas.

Education visas - These visas are issued by the universities for the students who would like to have higher studies in the UAE and valid until the course is over.

Work visas -These visas are issued by individual companies to hire overseas expatriate workers. This visa has a validity of two years, thereafter, if the employer wishes the same visa he may be extended for another period of 2 years. It is always mandatory that the employee must work with the company that sponsored them. They cannot work for any other company or change their sponsorship within 2 years. In some exceptional cases it is allowed but very rarely subject to certain conditions.

Health and safety visas - UAE is attracting patients from so many parts of the world for treatment in UAE. UAE has invested huge amount of money in the health sector, and this has brought world class health care services in the UAE. The visas for health care are issued by the hospital authorities and here emergency visas are also issued depending upon the cases.

Investor's visas - These visas are issued for a period of 3 years by authorities. The basic requirement to obtain investors' visa is that one must hold at least 25 % of the share of a corporate in UAE Entry Visa and since this is a self-sponsored visa one must maintain certain amount of bank guarantee with the authorities, once you sell the company or leave the country then you get your bank guarantee back.

Family visas - These visas are sponsored by the expatriate employer to the families of their employees, those meeting certain job criteria and those who are on the company's visa.