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Weekly Update February 15, 2016

Weekly Reminders


Holiday - No School!


Guidance Counselors out today (at GHMS for IGPs)

8:30-1:00 - Mathcounts Competition

3:40-4:30 Leadership team meeting - Budget Prioritization

6:00 PM School Board work session @ DO


Guidance Counselors out today (at GHMS for IGPs)

PTO Luncheon - postponed until March
8th Grade Lunch - FMHS ROTC will come visit to talk with 8th grade
4:00 - Academic Team Meeting vs. Sullivan (away)



10:00 AM African American History Day Program - See schedule at

Monday, February 22

3:45 PM - Teacher Liaison Meeting at DO

Birthdays This Week!

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February 18, Troy King

Nuts and Bolts

Educator Effectiveness Newsletter

Look here for the latest updates on SLOs, SAFE-T, anything Teacher Effectiveness related. This newsletter has extremely valuable information.

Daily Student Attendance- IMPORTANT

Teachers - we are having issues with student attendance being completed on time and accurately during homeroom. It is important that everyone complete homeroom attendance before homeroom is complete and that it is accurate.

Cell Phones and Sick Students

We are having a large number of students who are texted or calling parents on their cell phones during they school day saying they are sick. Please do not let any student text or call parents when they are sick. Students need to go to Nurse Brown, who will allow them to call home. If a parent arrives at school for a sick child and Nurse Brown does not have record of the call, the student will be issued a consequence for a cell phone violation.

This Week's Quote

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Timberwolves demonstrate:

  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Ambition
  • Integrity
  • Leadership