The Treasure Map

December 3 - December 7

The Week in Preview


  • 2:45 Third Grade PLC meeting
  • 2:45 Fourth Grade PLC meeting
  • F & P window open

  • F & P window open
  • 7:30-Rhonda at Sullivan Middle School-Principal Shadowing
  • 1:00-Rhonda to attend SAFE-T Team Administrator training-DO
  • 2:45 MAP Report Training for K, 1 and 2-this will be in the computer lab unless they are still installing computers, then it will be in the media center. Please bring a laptop in this case.
  • Gina Santucci's Birthday!!!!

  • Literacy Team Meeting (Rhonda, Sharon and Megan Lynn)
  • 2:45 First Grade PLC meeting
  • 2:45 Second Grade PLC meeting
  • 2:45 Fifth Grade PLC meeting
  • F & P window open

  • 7:30 AP meeting for Rhonda
  • F & P window open

  • Crystal off campus
  • F & P window

The Pirate Way.

  • Holiday Lunch Details..... please include this information in your classroom communications
    • Dec. 13 Kindergarten 11:00, Fourth grade 12:00, Third grade 1:00 (all others will eat bag lunches in the classrooms)
    • Dec. 14 First grade 11:00, Second grade 12:00, Fifth grade 1:00 (all others will eat bag lunches in the classrooms)
    • As we enter into the holiday season remember to notify the office when you are having special events, especially when parents will be entering the building.
    • We have had several students leaving IHES this week for other schools. Remember that when this occurs teachers must print their most current grades from PowerSchool to send to their new school. Glenda sent directions for doing this via email earlier today.
    • Please make sure when you are doing attendance that you are correctly marking students. Some are not being marked absent that should be.