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Exploratory Day is on Friday, February 5th. Exploratory Day is an opportunity for students to explore and learn about something they have never done before. Students choose an exploratory that allow them to see and experience something new. This unique opportunity is offered two times each year. Here are the options for the 2016 Winter Exploratory Day:


Nurses News...

Cold and flu season is upon us so it is important to keep our students and staff as healthy as possible. Please encourage your child to get plenty of rest, eat a well balanced diet and to wash their hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds when they have come in contact with any source of germs.

You can prevent spreading illness to others by keeping your sick children home from school until they are fever free (without fever reducing medication), diarrhea free, and vomit free for 24 hours. Thank you for your help and assistance.

Lorie Garland - Litchfield School Nurse

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"Learn, Lead, Succeed"

Looking Ahead...

January 18 Staff Development Day

January 21 January Staff Meeting 7:30 am

Grade 5 & 8 Students take MN Student Survey

January 18-22 6th Grade Math OLPA

January 28 LMS Spelling Bee Finals - Media Center 6:30 pm

January 25-29 6th Grade Reading OLPA

February 1-5 8th Grade Math OLPA

February 4 Science Fair 5-7 pm

February 5 Exploratory Grades 5-8

February 8 Grade 8 Course Information Night 5-6:30 pm LHS gym

February 8-12 7th Grade Math OLPA

Grade 5 News...

In Social Studies the class is in Chapter 9 which is about Colonial America. The students have completed a report on the Colony of their choice and presented it in software called 30 Hands. This presentation includes pictures, illustrations, and audio and is compiled to present facts about their chosen colony. Each student turned in a video via Google Classroom and as a culminating activity, were able to watch each person's project.

In 5th grade Reading we are finishing up skills/stories in Theme 3 entitled "Go with the Flow" as all the stories related to our world's water.

In 5th grade, our scientists are learning about plants. We are focusing on the reproductive parts of the flower and pollination. Be looking for the 3-D model assignment that is due Thursday, January 21. Students should have a lot of fun learning the materials through a hands-on approach.

Mr. Sussner's 5th grade PE class is enjoying basic skill games before ice skating again in late January.

Computer Grade 5 - Continuing to develop keyboarding and word processing skills using Chromebooks. Just finished a composition called "My Big Adventure."

Grade 6 News...

Junior Dragonaires is beginning again. Any one 6-8 grade who sings in choir is welcome to come on Monday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 in the choir room

Social: We will be finishing the US-Dakota War and starting a unit on "Farm Changes" in MN. Students are learning about the sodbusters coming into Minnesota after the U.S. Dakota War of 1862. Students will be reading to learn and participate in making a seal similar to one the Grange had in early Minnesota history.

Science: We will be wrapping up the science fair and starting a unit on Solutions.

In 6th Grade Reading we are finishing the quarter with our final Harry Potter activities and quizzes. We will begin 3rd quarter with the next unit in our literature series: Proving Yourself. Along with these short stories, we will learn new vocabulary and discuss the types of conflict, mood, how to make accurate predictions, and how to use context clues.

Mr. Carlson's PE students just finished swimming .....they did great! Next up is basketball and floor hockey.

Computer Grade 6- Completing Prezi presentations highlighting information about a person chosen by each student.

In 6th grade language students are working on an interdisciplinary lesson with writing and history. They are writing poems from the perspective of the Dakota and the settlers. They are working in small groups and have learned how to collaborate successfully. Next they will be working on a pronoun unit and writing for the student led conferences that are coming up.

Grade 7 News...

7th grade English students just finished a Literature Circle. They have been working through the parts of speech and will start the novel Someone Named Eva to begin the 3rd quarter. Three novels per quarter will continue.

In 7th grade Math, the students are working on the ratios, proportions and percent unit. They are also working hard on their accelerated math.

Computer Grade 7 - Finished our Spreadsheet Unit and working on Prezi presentations featuring information about states and countries.

7th grade Health is researching and discovering the anatomy and functions of the eye. They presented information to their peers and will be learning how the eye parts works together to bring the world to life for us. We will also be observing some weird and interesting optical illusions in the near future!

Junior Dragonaires is beginning again. Any one 6-8 grade who sings in choir is welcome to come on Monday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 in the choir room

7th Grade Social The students have endured the trail to Oregon Country and are now mining gold in California. President Polk has declared war on Mexico and the American chant "Remember the Alamo" can be heard during battle.

In Science 7 we have just started our unit on Genetics. Activities will include extracting DNA from strawberries and researching common genetic disorders.

Mr. Carlson's 7th grade PE students just finished swimming.....they did great! Next up is basketball and floor hockey.

Mr. Sussner's 7th grade PE class is swimming through the rest of January before starting Floor Hockey in February.

Mr. Sussner's 7th grade Health class is studying the human eye. We will view Lasik procedure, discuss eye conditions, and enjoy optical illusions that prove the human is not perfect.

Grade 8 News...

Eighth grade English students are beginning to compose poetry for their digital poetry portfolios which will be shared during Student Led Conferences.

8th Grade Choir students sang at the Timberwolves game on Sunday January 10. There were over 70 students in grades 8-12 that sang the National Anthem!

Junior Dragonaires is beginning again. Any one 6-8 grade who sings in choir is welcome to come on Monday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 in the choir room

Grade 8 Computer- Exploring a variety of video-related skills using iMovie, including, importing music, images, and video clips. Also, shooting and editing live video, green screen techniques, and more.

8th Grade Geography The students are investigating the climate, physical geography and history of the "Land Down Under" and New Zealand.

Math 8: We are starting a unit on Functions. Students are using the new motion detectors to create graphs on their macbooks.

Advanced Math 8: We are in the middle of a unit on linear functions. We will be learning how to graph on the TI-84 and the Desmos calculator on the macbook.

Mr. Sussner's 8th grade PE classes are starting Floor Hockey and continuing with 'Workout Wednesday' cardiovascular endurance activities.

Mr. Carlson's 8th Grade PE students have been playing Lacrosse. Next up is basketball and floor hockey.

Mr. Sussner's 8th grade Health classes are doing a fast food project and finding healthier ways to eat while visiting fast food establishments. Also, we will soon be studying eating disorders and identifying signs of behaviors related to anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder.

Activities News...

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