Civil War 1861-1865

By: Drewcilla Harvey

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Section 1

Causes of the Civil War


Southerners thought the government was becoming too strong. They did not think the government had the right to tell them how they should live. Southerners felt if they stayed in the United States, the North would control them.


People in the North began to want to abolish slavery more and more, but Southerners depended on the labor of slaves. By 1860 there were approximately 4,000,000 slaves in the U.S.


The North and the South disagreed on the rights. States' rights over Federal rights.

States' Rights

The debate over which power rightly belonged to the states and which belonged to the Federal Government became heated.The North and the South had completely different opinions.


Life style; Rural vs. Urban


It was almost impossible to move from one group to another


The south sold cotton and crops to make money and help.

Selection of Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln became president and wanted to abolish slavery, which he did, but others disagreed with his plans so they seceded.

Section 2

Characteristics of the North

Before the Civil war, the North didn't have slaves and they didn't believe in the practices of slavery. They did their own labors. As a result they upgraded their materials and technology when they wanted. Their train system made it possible for them to travel and collect more supplies. After the Civil War, the North had won so they just continued to progress.

Characteristics of the South

Before the Civil War, slaves worked hard for no pay. In the South, slaves were treated unfairly. After the Civil War, the South had lost. There was less slavery and there was a need for new foundation from the damage and become equal.