ESPR Board Weekly Update 10.14.2016

"If you're not measuring, you're not marketing."

Get to Know...

I had a great time at the NRPA Conference last week in St. Louis. There were a lot of good sessions, and I cannot wait to get the presentations from the speakers. All of them encourage not to take notes as they will send out the information after conference, but really want crowd participation and attention during they hour time slot.

After coming away from a conference like this there is also that extra excitement to make some changes and get people more involved. Hopefully through meeting with staff we can begin to make some of these adjustments and get the community more involved with our Department. Next year the NRPA Conference will be in New Orleans, which should be a great venue with a lot of different culture. #ImAParkAndRecKid


Shape Up Challenge Fall 2016

The Shape Up program has now completed 8 weeks of weigh ins.

The program only has 2 weeks remaining, and we still have a majority of participants going, which is great. A lot of times there seems to be some discouragement with not losing weigh, so they drop out.

New Community Center

The new Community Center is getting very close to opening, and has a date set for October 31st grand opening. They will have a membership presale on 10/19-20 and 10/24-28 from 9a-5p. There will also be an open house on 10/22-10/23 from 9a-5p for the public to buy memberships and get a tour of the facility.

Courtney will be participating in some front desk training over the next couple of weeks at the Community Center so she is able to be cross trained on some of their sales items as well as they staff trained on some of our basic program registrations.

Zombie 5k on Oct. 22nd

We have ordered all the signage for the event and have delivered posters to all businesses that have sponsored as well as a handful of others. Hopefully with this being Homecoming weekend there will be a lot of patrons out and about to see these posters. We would love to have more people register for the run, but we are also not having much luck getting volunteers either. If you know of any groups that might be interested in helping (especially zombies) send them our way.

Youth Fall Sports

The fall youth sports are ongoing and are going well. Basketball registration has opened and we are adding a new league this winter with the Introduction to Competitive basketball league for 3rd through 8th grade teams.

Parks & Rec 2017 Calendar

This week I have been working on getting the 2017 calendar together so we can have them before the end of 2016. This is a very time consuming project trying to get all the dates changed, pictures changes, and adding or eliminating programs that will be offered. As we will be moving to the new Community Center some of the programs will be transferred to them, which then opens up time for new programs to be offered.

Kibler Park

As I was out last week and didn't get a weekly report done, I should let you all know that Kibler Park playground was set on fire on Sunday, October 2nd. The fire did quite a bit of damage to one area of the playground, and it has been turned in to insurance at this point. Chad also had the playground company that installed it come out to get an estimate to replace that section. Unfortunately playground structures are not cheap, but hopefully we are able to get the playground fixed and back open soon.

Scott Sapp

Today we sent off registration for Scott Sapp to take the CPSI course which will be done in Liberty this year through Missouri Parks and Rec Assocation. Adding another Certified Playground Safety Inspector to the Department should help Chad out to complete all the park inspections in a timely manner.

Excelsior Springs Parks and Recreation

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Nate Williams

Director of Parks and Recreation