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FMS 8th Grade Newsletter: Week of Sept. 3-6

Classroom Notes


In English Language Arts, we have been working on our routines, procedures, and classroom expectations. .Team building activities are helping us build solid classroom cultures, as we get to know one another and continue working on building relationships. ELA students spend time throughout the week doing independent reading. We use this time to check progress, comprehension and personal reflection/connection with the text. Students will be responsible for choosing a book by Thursday.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be focusing on the story elements of setting, character traits and development, and seven different types of conflict in literature. We have started this conversation by examining story elements and plot development in both silent and short films. Students have enjoyed applying the different elements of a story to these different mediums. They are learning that emotions and stories can be told in a variety of ways, but often follow the same plot layout.

During the week of September 2-6, we will utilize the NWEA reading assessment to establish a benchmark for our students. This will test will allow us to see where our students are currently, and where we need to be meeting them academically. We will use the data from these assessments to create learning goals and lessons that will best suit the students.

Although the NWEA assessment will likely take several days for most students to complete, throughout the week, we will continue to touch on story elements, independent reading, free writing and grammar lessons. We will be encouraging our students to do their very best on their NWEA assessments, and helping them understand why that benchmark score is important to their growth.

Beginning this week, we will start visiting the library on a biweekly basis. Students will be able to check out books to bring home or leave in the classroom for their independent reading time. The library is a fantastic resource for our students and we are excited to implement all that it has to offer!

We're excited for another busy week at FMS!


Unit Objectives:

GM.A.1 Verify experimentally the congruency properties of rigid transformations.

GM.A.5 Use informal arguments to establish facts about the angle sum and exterior angle of triangles and about the angles created when parallel lines are cut by a transversal.

Learning Target for the Week:

To identify and use transformations.


Tuesday: Lesson 3 Grid Moves; Week Sheet #2

Wednesday: Lesson 4 Making the Moves

Thursday: Lesson 5 Coordinate Moves

Friday: Lesson 6 Describing Transformations

Week Sheet #2 (Lessons 3-6) assigned Tuesday; due Monday

Dance Off

Advanced Math

Unit Objective:

Understand how to write and solve equations and inequalities.

Learning Target for the Week:

To use and solve equations and proportions.


Tuesday: 1-2 Solving Linear Equations (Simplify Expressions); WS 1-2

Wednesday: Lesson 1-2; pg 16 16-25

Thursday: Lesson 1-2; pg 16 26-34, 38

Friday: Quiz 1-2; WS 1-2


Unit Objectives:

6-8.ETS1.A.1: Define the criteria and constraints of a design problem with sufficient precision to ensure successful solution, taking into account relevant scientific principles and potential impacts on people and the natural environment that may limit possible solutions.

MS-ETS1.B.1: Evaluate competing design solutions using a systematic process to determine how well they meet the criteria and constraints of the problem

6-8.ETS1.B.2: Analyze data from tests to determine similarities and differences among several design solutions to identify the best characteristics of each that can be combined into a new solution to better meet the criteria for success.

6-8.ETS1.B.3: Develop a model to generate data for iterative testing and modification of a proposed object, tool, or process such that an optimal design can be achieved.

Lab Safety Contracts are due signed by Sept. 6

Learning Target for the Week: Put the steps of the engineering design process to work to build a lander.


Tuesday: Introduce Lander problem and basics: Students are given build time.

Wednesday: "Test" the prototype lander and collect data: Review criteria and constraints

Thursday: Share lander data with the class: Redesign cycle.

Friday: Final lander test day: Lab Safety Contracts Due today.

Why study history? Because it's interesting!

We started the week with the question "Why study history?" That led us to creating timelines and thinking about how we are creating history everyday. Then we started to take a look at the history of our community and our school. The lesson quickly morphed into a project to find out whether or not there were hidden tunnels under the middle school, whether they were haunted, and whether they connect to other tunnels around the city. We read several first hand accounts, and we have a guest speaker coming in next week to teach us more about the history of Fulton. But if YOU know an expert on Fulton history or someone who has worked first hand in the courthouse or the Fulton State Hospital and can answer our questions about whether or not the tunnels exist, please contact us!

Social Studies

Unit Objective:

6-8.AH.3.GS.E: Apply the principles of rule of law, representation, separation of powers, checks and balances, and federalism to explain the purposes and functions of the Constitution.

This Week in History:

We will begin our unit on the development of the Constitution. This will include examining the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and how it led to the need for a new plan. The students will then get to participate in a Constitutional Convention simulation to see what it would have been like for the delegates to debate issues like states' rights and balance of power.

Questions? Email your child's social studies teacher:

Lara Brunk - lbrunk@fulton58.org

Chris Crowson - ccrowson@fulton58.org -

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Hats and Hoodies in School

As a reminder, hats and hoodies are only to be worn at school if a student has purchased a Hat Pass from the Thrive Hive. Students who choose to wear hats or hoodies in the hallway will be asked to take them off.