The Hobbit Info-poster

By: Kaden Watson- Book written by: J.R.R.Tolkien

Author, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

Birth: January 3,1892

Place of birth and child hood: Bloemfontein, South Africa

Career: Author of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series

Death and age at death: September 2, 1973, at the age of 81

Story Summary

A hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggin's life gets turned around when one day a famous wizard named Gandalf and 13 dwarves visit him at his home to ask him to join them on a dangerous and perilous quest to reclaim the mountain and slay the dragon, Smaug. Through many near death experiences with goblins, trolls, giant spiders, wolves, suspicious elves, and a curious creature with a magic ring named Gollum the group has finally reached the mountain, where they gain assistance from the people of Lake town, a nearby community. The group get into the mountain and manage to wake and anger Smaug, but not without some helpful info. The enraged Smaug sets off to destroy lake town but is defeated by an unexpected hero named Bard. Though the dragon is dead the battle is not over because the now free people are expecting gold and riches from the dwarve's gold, but a sickness of greed has over come the lead dwarf who now will let no one get any of the riches. They are not the only ones who have heard of the dragons death and many enemies come to the mountain for gold and revenge, but the enemies are killed and gold, riches, and peace sweep through the land

Favorite Quotes

1. ''What iss he my precious?''- Gollum.

2. ''If precious asks, and it doesn't answer, we eats it, my precious''- Gollum.

3. Bless me how they jumped.

4. A specially large one hit the chief wolf right on the nose, and he leaped in the air ten feet...

Favorite Characters


The theme of the hobbit is to not just live your life doing nothing, sometimes you just need to take a risk or two and live your life a little boldly if just for a second because you will be exposed to new feelings and you might just make some new friends.

The Hero's journey:

The Ordinary World:

Bilbo begins in his humble hobbit, hole under the hill, by the river. His favorite things are his home, his pipe, and his chair.

The Call To Adventure:

Bilbo receives the call when Gandalf shows up at his home with 13 dwarves and they ask him to go on a quest.

Refusal Of The Call:

Bilbo declines the offer and asks them to leave.

Meeting With The Mentor:

Gandalf is his mentor and he thinks Bilbo can do it because hobbits are very quiet and sneaky and Gandalf knows of his Tookish side.

Cross The Threshold:

The ordinary world ends when they reach the border of Mirkwood. No he still has plenty more fears about the journey.

Tests, Allies, And Enemies:

Bilbo's friends are Gandalf, the elves, the dwarves, the people of Laketown, and a surprise hero named Bard. Bilbo's enemies are the giant spiders, the trolls, the goblins, the wargs, and Smaug. Three tests were he had to save the dwarves from the spiders, He had to scout ahead and found the trolls, and he had to save the dwarves from the elves. These all tested courage and heart.

The Approach:

The company reviews the map and the key to get into the mountain. Bilbo must carry out the hardest part of the plan.

The Ordeal:

The biggest challenge is when Bilbo has to scout ahead in the cave where Smaug is. He overcomes it by putting on his magic ring.

The Reward:

Bilbo gets a magic ring, he gets stronger, and he develops a feeling of great courage.

The Road Back:

Bilbo is happy and sad for different reasons to return home. He is happy because he is out of the danger and going home, yet he is sad that he must leave his friends and the call to adventure.


Bilbo's belongings are being sold in an auction. People are buying his belongings and they view him as much less ''classy'' than he was before.

Return with the elixir:

Yes he is accepted back, but people view him of a much lower class. He has become courageous, more open to the true prospects of life, and he has learned to care less of what people think of him and his appearance. He will begin to make choices less upon what people think of him and more upon of what he thinks of himself in a way that could be said as, ''follow your heart when your brain leads you astray.

Fast Facts

  • Gandalf was Bilbo's grandfather
  • Tolkien was considered to have invented the word Hobbit
  • Hobbits have hairy feet and are closely related to humans