Home of the brave

By: Jessica Postma

1. The social issue in the book is that it is not ease being new. Because if you are new you mess up a lot.

2.I think it is not ease being new because if you are new there a lot things you mess up on like when kek put dishes in the Londoner cleaner also it is not being new because it is hard to make new friends. one more thing is that he mess up because he is not used to the word they use because he is used to his words.

3. Kek in the begging was vary wondering because he wounder about a lot of things like what was snow like. and why do they not care about cows. and also kek is not used to the thing they do because he is so used to the thing he did at his old house. In the kek was a lot different because he had a lot of time to learn about the stuff the other kids do. and he even he did show the other kids why he liked about cows and how to take care of cows.