Blue Bell Recall

By: Tanner Dutton


Blue Bell is a creamery that makes ice cream, frozen yogurt, and more frozen snacks. This organization has recently discovered that Listeria is in some of their products, and some people have even died from eating Blue Bell.
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Facts about the event

  • Blue Bell operates three plants Brenham and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and Sylacauga, Alabama and the Oklahoma plant was shut closed last month after test showed listeria contamination there.
  • Blue Bell said the products will be off store shelves for " two to three weeks at least" until the source of bacteria is found.
  • Listeriosis generally only affects the elderly, people with weakened immune systems, and pregnant women. It can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, premature labor, and serious illness or death in newborn babies. Healthy, Younger adults can usually consume listeria with little illness.
  • The first recall in Blue Bell was last month after CDC linked the ice cream contained with listeria to three deaths at a Kansas hospital.
  • Blue Bell is implementing a process to test all of its products before releasing them to the market, with plans to limit distribution soon.

Aftermath of the event. How does it affect us today?

The aftermath of the event is that most people are not eating Blue Bell and getting rid of what is still left of it's products until the problem is solved. It affects us today by, lowering the ice cream market