John Watson's Psychology

How his work still effects us today

Watson & his fame

Watson's main goal was to prove why people or animals behave how they do and why. His most famous experiment was "Little Albert", where he made children fear white rats. He was also know for holding the position as head chair of the psychology department at John Hopkins University.

Watson & his contribution to psychology

Watson did most his research about behaviorism, on children and animals. This taught us about myelinization, and learning abilities at different ages. He also proved that emotions are caused by certain things from a persons passed, especially fear.

Behaviorism & Emotions effecting how we act

Watson taught us a lot but mainly why people do or think the way they do. Theres a reason why we behave differently about something than others, and there's also a reason why we are scared of things that aren't as scary as you think. Watson explains how all this is tied back to people and their past, or how they deal with emotions.

Watson & his time

Watson did most of his research in the early 1900s, this effected his research because there wasn't too many theories about behaviorism then. It also effected his research and what he did because in this day and age he would not do things that he did, such as the "little Albert" experiment.