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Year of St. Joseph Dad Jokes

Who was the most business-savvy woman in the Bible?

(the answer is at the end of the newsletter)

Upcoming Events


In June, we gathered to refuel. This August 12, join us for a day of courses to recalibrate and set the course for ministering in the future. The dictionary definition of recalibrate is: "a fresh point of reference to recalibrate the navigation system" and while it pertains to cars, it couldn't make more sense as we look at the year(s) ahead. Join us to prepare our minds for another catechetical year ahead and gather with colleagues to share ideas! RECALIBRATE will be held at St. Patrick's Church in Victor; attend the whole day for 5 credit hours toward certification or ongoing professional development or attend a few courses that fit your need and schedule; remember that every Catechetical Leader or Youth Minister is required to earn 10 credits of ongoing professional development each year. We look forward to this day of formation; it will be a day well spent! Please plan to join us at 8:30 for morning prayer as your schedule permits!

See the flyer below for more information!


Deanery Meetings to RESTART in September

We will be putting deanery meetings back on the calendar this year. All regions should identify a convener and conveners should plan to attend a luncheon meeting on Wednesday, September 1 from 11:30 -1:30 at the Pastoral Center. Deanery meetings in each region will begin again in October!

Thursday Meetings with E&C

** We are going to take a break from Zoom meetings in August! Our next Zoom meeting will be
September 23!**

Continuing on, we will do a once a month check-in on the 4th Thursday of each month!

"Say the Word and My Soul Shall Be Healed" Catechetical Sunday

September 19 is Catechetical Sunday, a day that we celebrate our mission to teach the Gospel to all people. This nation-wide observance of the Catechetical Ministry is a wonderful time to pray for and recognize those who serve in those ministries!

This year's theme is so appropriate as we move into another year filled with hope but also a little trepidation and uncertainty. Many of those we serve are in need of healing from the wounds that the pandemic and current social environment have caused. How can we be healers in our ministry? How can we offer a space for all to feel welcome and to feel God's enormous love for all people?

We hope that you will use Catechetical Sunday to celebrate, honor and heal in your parish family!

For more information on Catechetical Sunday, click here: https://www.usccb.org/committees/evangelization-catechesis/leadership-institute-catechetical-sunday-2021

Getting Back on Track

Please be reminded to update your certification information with Mark Capellazzi and send the Catechist form below by August 30! Thanks in advance!

Looking at What's Out There

By Word and Example

By Word and Example series helps parents nurture their children in preparing for the celebration and reception of a sacrament in the Catholic Church. Parents will be guided through basic aspects of the Sacraments and will be provided space to journal about their experiences. Parents will also have opportunities to memorialize their families witnessing the Catholic faith through acts of service to others. Click here for more information!

Catholic Quiz

How much do you know? Here is the link to OSV's yearly Catholic Quiz; great to use in many settings! Test your knowledge of the faith : Click here

Blest Are We Webinars

45-Minute Live Product Training Webinar

Join RCL for a live product training on Blest Are We Faith in Action for schools. Learn how to effectively implement the program in your classroom. Register in advance to save your spot for your choice from the options below.

August 4, 2021 at 3:00 PM
Register here

August 11, 2021 at 6:00 PM
Register here

The Year of St. Joseph: A Virtual Retreat for Fathers

The Catholic Apostolate Center is pleased to host a completely virtual retreat for fathers. This retreat will help participants reflect on the vocation of fatherhood. Fr. Frank Donio, S.A.C., Director of the Catholic Apostolate Center, and Tom Carani, Center Consultant, will lead participants in reflections on fatherhood, self-gift, and the example of St. Joseph.

This retreat will be a completely on-demand experience with content and materials sent directly to your inbox. Participants will receive all the retreat content, videos, and reading materials necessary to make the retreat. Participate in the retreat when convenient for you, or break the retreat up in smaller portions to go at your own pace. Consider joining the Center for this retreat or registering a father in your life for a time of reflection.

To register for the retreat, please click here. Registration will remain open until September 1st. The cost to register for the retreat is $15. Once registered, participants will receive materials in their inbox starting on July 20th. Please feel free to reach out to Colleen Campbell, Manager of Formation Programs, with any questions about the retreat at colleen.campbell@catholicapostolatecenter.org.

Have a student heading to St. John Fisher in the Fall?

"It's that time of year when families across our diocese are preparing to send students off to college for the first time! St. John Fisher College Campus Ministry wants to welcome all incoming first-year students to Fisher and help them get acclimated to campus life! If your parish has a student attending St. John Fisher College this September, please take a moment to let us know their name! You can simply email your names to campusministry@sjfc.edu"

Young Adult Ministry Update

Ministry with Young Adults Today: A Conversation on What's Working and What Challenges We Face

A webinar conversation with Pastoral leaders across the United States, facilitated by the leadership of the USCCB's National Advisory Team on Young Adult Ministry, about what is happening at the present moment in our churches and communities related to young adults in their 20s and 30s!

Key Takeaways

  • Peer ministry (i.e. young adults leading the ministry/young adults ministering to other young adults) continues to be the most effective.
  • There are young adults who are still not attending Mass/engaging in the faith, but want to be.
  • Young adults are still in flux (i.e. new jobs, career changes, moving home/new locations, etc.) and need consistent check-ins/accompaniment.
  • There continues to be a shift from offering programs for young adult ministry to accompanying young adults.
  • Programs that are being offered for young adult ministry need to have accompaniment as its foundation.

If you would like to watch a recording of the webinar, click here.

20s/30s Ministry: A Guide for Parishes

This book provides practical ideas/strategies for creating and growing a parish young adult ministry. You can learn more about the book here. We have a few copies available!​ If you are interested in a copy, email Mark at Mark.Capellazzi@dor.org.


Big picture


-Ignite NCYC Kick-Off Gathering!
Sunday, November 14
Parish of the Holy Family (Gates)
2:00 p.m. (will conclude at 5:00 p.m. with Mass)

-Diocesan virtual participation ticket packages are on sale! The cost ($150 per person) of the package includes the NCYC virtual participation ticket (at member pricing), kick-off gathering admission, and diocesan NCYC gear. Click here for more information.

-Work continues on the NCYC guide for parishes. The guide will include opportunities being offered by parishes during the conference and resources for how to engage young people in the NCYC experience.
-Materials available to help get young people excited about NCYC! Pre-made social media posts, flyers, a promotional video, and more are available for your use.

-More NCYC in-person tickets are available! Ticket sales are open to all - this is a perfect opportunity for a parent, godparent, or Confirmation sponsor to accompany a teen to be set Ablaze for Christ! Click here for more information. NOTE: THE DIOCESE OF ROCHESTER IS NOT COORDINATING IN-PERSON TICKET SALES SO THOSE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING THE CONFERENCE IN INDIANAPOLIS MUST INDEPENDENTLY PURCHASE TICKETS.
-We continue to ask parishes to complete the RSVP/questionnaire by clicking the button below! This will help us plan the kick-off gathering, put together the parish resource guide, and put other participant items (i.e. swag) together.

SAVE THE DATE - MOMENTUM: Forming Young Disciples

Wednesday, September 22

1:00 pm–5:00 pm

Featuring Keynote by Dr. Kara Powell, Fuller Youth Institute plus six additional breakout sessions
Ministry in the post-pandemic Church challenges those who accompany youth to look for new ways to engage and form young people as missionary disciples. Join online with other ministry leaders from across the country in this fifth edition of MOMENTUM as we dare to explore the research, practices, and methods that will form young disciples in the decade ahead.

More Information Coming Later This Summer! For More Information About Momentum, Click Here.

Sacramental Snippet

Sacramental Snippet -Clean Slate

What's New?

Parish Happenings

  • A big welcome to JoJo Gromoske,who has joined the staff at St. Joseph the Worker in Clyde, Helen Stirpe who has joined the staff at St. Paul's in Webster and Sandy Schicker who has joined the staff at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Hamlin! Welcome all!
  • Best of Luck to Dawn Burdick who has joined the staff of Southeast Rochester Catholic Community in Rochester, Rosemary Nabogis who is taking a new role in Faith Formation at St. Mary's of the Lake in Watkins Glen, and Becky Colon who is taking a new role at Holy Apostles Church in Rochester!
  • Welcome back to Lorraine Smith who will be serving as Faith Formation Coordinator at at All Saints Parish in Corning!
  • Best wishes to Jodi Schott as she starts a new role outside of Parish Ministry at Aquinas High School!

We'd like to know about transitions in your parish. If you have retirements, etc. or new hires, please contact our office! Do you have something you'd like our Faith Formation community to know about? Share it and we can post it here!

New in Our Lending Library!

Parenting Program for strengthening the domestic church:
Forming Ministers of God's Love General Introduction Video

We are excited about this new resource available to you, highlighted in the video above!

We have copies of the participant books to borrow or to review. This is a small group program for parents and worth taking a peek at! Contact Katey if you are interested in borrowing!

Here are 10 ways to use The Family Zone newsletter in your formation ministry during the Month of August!

1. Help families develop the Christian practice of reading the Bible by creating a Family Bible Challenge in your parish. This can be done through a number of ways from creating a contest, to having a drop in craft and Bible story time, to inviting families to act out and video or illustrate a Bible story to create a gallery. Think creatively about how you can put the Bible in front of your families and help them to increase their knowledge of scripture (August 8 edition)

2. Create a Bible family kit with a cut-out bookmark for each of the 73 books and a scripture search to them find the different sections. You may want to consider having a weekend during which families can purchase a Bible for their homes. (August 8 edition)

3. Design a listening guide for kids to pay closer attention to the Sunday scriptures. Make a simple “What did you hear?” handout that can be turned in for something fun like a sticker at the end of Mass (August 8 edition)

4. Reinforce the terms we have for sacramental and liturgical items at Church. Begin this month with inviting children to find your Ambo, but continue the practice each month to highlight and create a familiarity with your church and the signs and symbols of our faith (August 8 edition)

5. Connect families to the Holy Day (Feast of the Assumption of Mary) by providing the prayer and other activities for the domestic church. Families develop the rhythm of our faith when we invite them into a greater understanding of it! (August 8 edition)

6. Kaleidoscopes make us see things differently. Invite families to create the kaleidoscopes and begin a conversation about what needs to be seen differently in their lives and our world right now! (August 8 edition)

7. Invite households in your parish to share “modern day miracles,” as part of a bulletin article or on the website. God is alive and working in the world, despite how it may feel in troubling times. How can you help your parish family to see God at work and remind them of His healing presence? (August 22 edition)

8. Have an evening of campfire, stargazing and prayer. Share one of the “healing stories” listed under family stories and create a ritual during which families or youth can offer prayer up to God while around the campfire. (August 22 edition)

9. Create a monthly birthday blessing as a regular feature at one of your parish Masses. Use the USCCB blessing provided. (August 22 edition)

10. Take a parish field trip to the Abbey of the Genesee! (August 22 edition)

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Catechetical Sunday and Catechist Appreciation Posts!

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We have made changes on our Catechist Formation Tab. These changes will help both the Catechetical Leader and the volunteer Catechist find valuable resources for their ministry!

Going, Going, Gone!

We have SO many resources to give away! These are FREE Resources you can add to your parish or office library. Our move from the basement to a small third floor room has forced us to get rid of many duplicate or out of date resources but those we are sharing are still viable for ministry today! Contact Katey if you are interested in these or would like to set up an appointment to view any resources! Resources not claimed will be recycled.

Year of St. Joseph Dad joke ANSWER:

Pharaoh's daughter, who went down to the bank of the Nile and pulled out a little prophet.

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