Mustang Weekly

Week of March 16th

"Leadership is neither a rank nor a title. It is a choice. It is the choice to provide care and protection for those whom we are responsible." - Simon Sinek


Boosterthon Kicks Off This Week!

Our Boosterthon kick-off is Monday! Below is a message from the Boosterthon team with a quick overview of everything you need to get started. More details will come in the Pep Rally tomorrow (2:00 / Gym) and the staff chat after school (3:15 / Library).

Austin Teachers and Staff!

We are excited to be partnering with Austin Elementary for the 4th year. We are so thankful for you and all you do for these students. Below is a basic overview of the Boosterthon Fun Run, which should help you understand our fun program more. More details will be covered at the Teacher Meeting on March 16th at 3:15 pm in the Library. We will keep it short and sweet!

Boosterthon Pep Rally: March 16th - Gym

2:00 PM -- All Grades

Team Days: March 17-20, 23-24, 26

During these days, students will be gathering pledges from friends, family and relatives, plus experiencing our world-class character program. This year’s theme is Rock’n Town Live—a fun, music festival theme all about community! For pledges, students can get a pledge per lap (a dollar amount for every lap they run in the Fun Run) or a flat donation—both pledge types count toward the rewards. $30 in flat donations is the equal to $1 pledge per lap.

Community Challenges

Team Day #1 - Team

Team Day #2 - Plug Into Serve

Team Day #3 - Amplify Others

Team Day #4 - Listen For Feedback

Team Day #5 - Play Hard

Team Day #6 - Thank Your Crowd

Team Day #7 - Follow Up Day (Thursday, March 26th)

Boosterthon Fun Run – Wednesday, March 25th

The track size is about 1/16 of a mile. All students, even kindergarteners, will run an average of 30-35 laps.

8:15 - K & 1st
9:15 - 2nd & 3rd
10:15 - 4th & 5th

Collection Information

- Students’ pledge money is due on March 31st.

- Sponsors can pay online at, or with check or cash.

- Each student will receive an envelope after the Fun Run to help collect their pledges.

- Checks can be written to "Austin Elementary PTO".

We Need Your Help

- Create team name and team goals - Please create a fun team name for your class and team goals the FIRST day of the program. Please promote your goals every day.

- Keep parents informed - Throughout the Boosterthon program, please help us communicate the Community Challenge of the day to your parents. Also, please invite them to the Boosterthon Fun Run on March 25th. It’s an incredible community event.

- Have fun! - We want you to have fun during the entire program. The more fun you have, the more excited your students will be.

We are so excited to serve Austin Elementary for the 4th year! Please let our team know if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Carson, Max, and the Boosterthon Team

What's Happening in the Legislature?

The latest education "hot topic" in the Legislature is another one that can have a big impact on us and our school. It has to do with how public schools are rated and how that rating impacts the school and staff. The latest proposal would change our current rating system to a new system based on an A-F rating.

Check out the 2 articles below. The first gives a great overview of the bill. The second provides a general legislative overview and more details on how the proposed rating system would be used to evaluate staff and influence pay.

Whatever your stance on these issues, I encourage you to please reach out to your Rep/Senator and let your views be known!

EduLege Update

Midway through the post, there is a section titled "Drawing the line..." This includes further discussion on the proposed rating system.

Learner / Educator

Summer Conference's "New Look"

The CISD Summer Conference will look significantly different than it has in the past. This year, it will have a Literacy focus to support the work of the Literacy "cadre" that has been working this year (AND last year @ Austin). There is a flyer on the Info Board outside of the Lounge.

Here is a quick overview of what to expect. Registration opens on April 1st. Participants must register so that enough materials are purchased.

  • Dates - June 15-17
  • Location - New Tech
  • Conference will be organized into strands- K-2, 3-5, 6-8, & 9-12. There will also be a strand (K-5 2.0) for those that have already participated in the Literacy group this year and last!
  • The conference is open to ALL educators regardless of content area.

Morning Announcements

Class - There is no class signed-up for the next 3 weeks. Please email me if your class would like to take a week!

Life Principle - Generosity

Quote - "The manner of giving is worth more than the gift." - Pierre Corneille

Healthy Tip - Running, jumping, skipping, swimming, and dancing are all great ways to exercise your body. Try to get some exercise each day!

Week At A Glance...

  • Welcome back!
  • Boosterthon Pep Rally - 2:00 (Gym) We will begin calling classes shortly before 2:00.
  • Boosterthon Teacher Meeting - 3:15 (Library)
  • PTO Meeting - 6:30
  • Happy Birthday Liz!


  • Literacy Training (Ally, Sharon, Casey, Caitlin, Lindsay)
  • Open House - 6:00-7:00
  • Art Fair - 6:00-8:00


  • 4th/5th Grade TELPAS Reading
  • Campus Testing Security Training - 3:30 (All staff attend)


  • 3rd Grade TELPAS Reading
  • Happy Birthday Sharon!

Friday (Rise & Shine / E-Time Schedule)

  • Rise & Shine
  • E-Time / Clusters
  • 2nd Grade TELPAS Reading

Sunday, March 22nd - Happy Birthday Emily!

Looking Ahead...

Tues. 3/24 - 3:30 - STAAR Training for 4th Writing / 5th Reading

Wed. 3/25 - FunRun!

Wed. 3/25 - Grade Level PLC Time

Thurs. 3/26 - Brown Bag Lunch

Fri. 3/27 - End of 3rd 9 Weeks