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Interference caused on the internal communication

Then the second variant recharge api free power control exposure to later compare the statistics obtained with both mechanisms. The first criterion is not entirely realistic. Hard handover There is a decision threshold that prevents communication is always established with the nearest base station. For example, start a terminal communicating with the base that provides free greater pilot station, usually the nearest one. And this in turn moves within the service area.

If the terminal away from the base station continues communication with said base station, although receive more signal to a neighboring base station. Long as recharge api free the difference between the pilot signals does not exceed a certain threshold. Otherwise, it proceeds to the hand-off, even though they are geographically in the original cell. recharge retailer api provider This is why the connection to the nearest base station to simulate a hard handover is an approximation to the actual problem. Also, to enter should contain a model for mobility and have no memory of where the connection started for the phones that are near the border between two cells registered in the cell that initiated the connection you have.

In our case, approach the problem in view of two scenarios. In choosing recharge api free the first base station is made through geographic proximity. The second case also by proximity based station is selected as long as the difference between the pilot signal relative to a neighboring cell is under the threshold. The simulation run no limit is placed on the output capacity from the mobile terminals. This is not the terminal is unavailable.

The parameter indicative of system operation the average signal to interference ratio measured over the set of communication. An increasing number of mobile considered. The results of the simulations are indicated in the table. This reduces the average signal-to-interference ratio as the number of messages per cell is observed. Notable is the high variance observed in the signal interference in all cases, given the variance in dB.

To obtain quantitative results for comparing different case studies will give a certain signal-to-interference reference threshold to derive, in each case, the maximum number of cell communication. In this case recharge retailer api provider we see how the maximum number of communication cells left around. While it is spoken of mean values, because recharge retailer api provider of the variation of signal interference, the actual number of messages per cell is reduced. Additionally, presupposes this case study Always connect the mobile terminal to the base station closer geographically. As discussed above, this is recharge api free an unrealistic consideration, so that the variance of the parameters studied leads us to reject this scenario.

It remains to discuss the last two columns of the recharge api table. This is the estimate of the mean and variance of the parameter f. The parameter is defined as the ratio of external interference and interference caused on the internal communication. We differentiate between the two disorders, internal disturbances caused by other communications established with the same base station communication under consideration.

External interference caused by other communication. A parameter value/ unit above indicates that the external interference is higher than the internal, that is indicative of a poorly designed system. Who has dismissed this scenario study, we recharge api free reduce to discuss the parameter values obtained from/ to this case.

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